PHRF Race Control is designed to help manage PHRF sailboat race scoring for individual races. You can quickly add/delete boats, change/track racing status (OCS, DNS, DNF, Finished, Racing), update position, edit finishing position as needed to correct errors and email or text the results immediately. (Emails include a CSV attachment for easy upload to scoring programs and spreadsheets.) The race starts with the pre-start countdown (0 - 10 Min). Once the race is started boat status is updated by the program or the user by tapping a boat. Before the start, status cycles between PRESTART and DNS. After the start and before 5 minutes of racing, status cycles between RACING, DNS and OCS. After 5 minutes, status cycles between RACING, FINISHED, DNF, DNS and OCS.

Annotated screen shots are show below:

Main Page: Example boats are loaded the first time it is started.
Pasted Graphic 1

Typical display during a race:
Pasted Graphic 1

Typical display near the end of a race:
Pasted Graphic 4

Boat edit screen: Used to change data for existing boats and create new ones.
Pasted Graphic

Edit Screen: Use to add or delete boats between races and adjust finishing positions after a race.
Pasted Graphic 2

Options page: Used to change pre-start sequence time and transmit results or comments.
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