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The purpose of sleeping is to regain your strength and feel refreshed every time. Majority of us side sleepers rarely enjoy that feeling of being refreshed. It is not cause of our side sleeping but it is because of the wrong mattresses that we normally use. These wrong mattresses often cause us aches and pains due to our less surface contact with the mattress which places more weight on our hips and back.

Therefore, the best mattress that relieves us from the aches and pains is a mattress that provides ample support to the spine and at the same time release the pressure off our hips and shoulder. Side sleeping is not a bad thing as it relieves pressure on our back and provides our body with better blood flow and more nutrients while sleeping. The only change we can make to achieve absolute comfort is to find the right mattress that will give us maximum pleasure in sleeping.

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There are only few best mattress for side sleepers that can provide them the comfort they desire. These mattresses are not too firm hence allowed your hips and shoulder to sink into the mattress which leads to good spinal alignment. They also come with a soft outer layer and a profiled surface to provide cushioning to the hips and also the shoulders leading to a softer sleeping surface that exerts less pressure on your hips and shoulder allowing you to fall asleep much easier.