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Bend Poker Room Schedule For Today

It was a beautiful spring day and I decided to take advantage of the exhilarating weather by working in my yard. I love flowers and wish I could have my hands in dirt for a living, but alas my time devoted to it is usually relegated to weekends. All of the yard work was now left to me and my oldest son. My husband Bob left me and moved in with another woman. I couldn't blame him too much for leaving. I was enjoying giving my body to black men and he couldn't' take it. In my defense I want you to know that Bob was the one that wanted me to take a black man, but once it happened he couldn't deal with it. That is how I ended up with the entire yard to care for.
I decided to work on the flower beds at the front of the property that day. It was so warm that I put on shorts, and a cute little tank top that had a built in bra which more or less kept my 40d bosoms in check. I had lost some weight after Bob left, and I was now fitting into a size 10. I was still very curvy for a gal about 5 and a half feet tall.
After about an hour of work a large old Buick pulled up beside me. I looked and waved hello. I recognized the car and driver, it was Caesar, an elderly black man that lived three doors down.
He stuck his head out of the window, 'Hello Miss Tate.'
'Good morning Caesar.' I replied as I wiped perspiration from my brow.
'You sure keep pretty flowers.'
'Thanks Caesar.'
'Tell me Miss Tate, do you think your son would be willing to mow my lawn? I would be willing to pay $30.00 if he would?'
'Ok, well I'm not sure what his practice schedule is. He is at a baseball game right now but I can call him. You want to come inside for some sweet tea while I call him?'
'That would be real nice Miss Tate.'
Caesar pulled his car into my driveway and got out. I never realized how tall he was since I usually talked to him while he was in his car. Caesar was about 6 feet 2 inches tall; he had snow white hair and dark black skin. I still don't know how old he is, but he must be near 70 years old.
Caesar came inside and sat at my breakfast bar, and I served him a big glass of iced sweet tea. I made my phone call in the living room and then told Caesar the good news 'he said he would be glad to mow your lawn. He asked if Tuesday after school would be ok.
'Tuesday is fine Miss Tate.'
'You have a nice place here Miss Tate.' Caesar said. 'If you ever need a man's help around here I sure would be glad to help you out.'
'That's mighty nice of you Caesar, but you aren't as young as you once were ya know.'
'Well, with what I had in mind Miss Tate I am still pretty good at.' He said as he winked.
I couldn't believe it; this old black man was making a pass at me. 'Oh I see, well I think you are full of it.'
'No m'am, I'm not. I think you are a right attractive woman, I would love to help out if you would be interested. I'm just tryin' to be honest with you, your pretty light skin and long dark hair make me want to do things with you Miss Tate.'
Hmmm, now I had been with black men in recent months but not a one of them anywhere near this old.
'Caesar, I really like you but..' Caesar cut me off.
'Miss Tate, why don't you just let me show you what I can do and then you can tell me to get lost if you want.'
I didn't respond to him, I didn't have to; he came up behind me and wrapped his arms around my body cupping my large breasts with his huge dark aged hands. I didn't say a word, he just started to massage my big tits though my clothing. I turned around and faced him and he started to lift my top off, out came my pale freckled pendulous 40d tits. He bent over and wrapped his dark mouth around my left nipple. The old man nibbled and suckled with all the eagerness of a nursing infant. I held his head with my hand, running my fingers through his wooly snow white hair.
'To your knees' he ordered. I wasn't sure how he went from begging a few moments ago to ordering me around but I was too turned on to argue. I was clearly in the hands of an experience man. He unzipped his fly and pulled out a beautiful long black uncircumcised cock. 'Suck,' he ordered again. It was a pleasure to service a cock that beautiful, with every lick and motion his manhood came more and more to life. It was obvious that this man could still perform sexually at his advanced age. His cock grew to 8 or 9 inches at least.
After ten minutes giving his cock loving attention he decided it was time to fuck my white ass. Again he ordered me: 'take off your shorts and bend over, you can put your hands on the bench.' He seemed to know what he was doing so I did what I was told. I watched Caesar remove his clothes, his long black cock and dark leathery looking scrotum were surrounded by snow white pubic hair, it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen!
My pussy was so soaked, that's the way it always gets when I am going to be fucked by a big black cock. Caesar had no trouble putting most of it in, the last couple of inches he had to force, but I was still able to accommodate him thanks to plenty of my own natural lubricant. He plunged in and out of me for 20 minutes, after about 15 minutes I came. '
'You like that black cock Miss Tate.'
Oh yes, Caesar.'
'That wasn't a question Miss Tate.' The closer he got to shooting his load he started telling me 'push your white ass back to me, push your white ass back to me.'
When he was ready to cum he asked me where I wanted it.
'Don't you dare pull that out of me Caesar,' I shouted.
The old black man had just filled me up full with his seed, and I and adored it.
We got dressed and he asked when he could come over again. I told him to just stop and talk to me when I'm in the yard. Caesar and I are good friends now, and he comes to see me every so often. I guess his equipment all still works, but it doesn't need to work as often as maybe it once did. It seems that maybe word is starting to get around among the black men in my town that this southern white mom loves to fuck black men.

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