Bets To Make With Someone You Like


BUY MY MERCH HERE I decided to make some bets with my Twin Wendy! Try these DIY bets that you will always win with your frie. In fact, you could even say that anything worth having in life requires a bit of a gamble. But you also have to be careful when placing your bets, and when deciding on the terms and conditions. You might just end up painfully embarrassed, but at least it will be a great story to. I bet you've lost a bet at some point in your life. But the price you had to pay probably wasn't as big as for the people included in this list. Bored Panda has compiled a series of unfortunate gamblers in the middle of their redemption, and the photos are so funny and embarrassing, you'll think. A good default is paying for a meal/drinks. Eating is something that you would do with your friend anyway. If you’re students, a meal can be a burger or a burrito. If it’s a significant bet and you’re both doing really well, it could involve Waygu or Michelin stars. My boyfriend and I play trading card games a lot, so for us I’d say the loser has to pay for the winner’s next tournament. Obviously not everyone can do this one, but you can do that with other things you do together. Bet the price of the movie ticket, dinner or something like that.

Do You Like Making Bets, According to Your Personality Type

For some people the idea of betting against someone else is thrilling and a great way to prove that they are right about something. For others the idea of betting or gambling is unnerving and just not something they are interested. Here is how much you like making bets, based on your personality type.


INFJs aren’t often betting people simply because they don’t feel this strong need to make money off of being right. For the INFJ often the satisfaction of being is plenty, but sometimes they see reason why they don’t need to prove this to others. INFJs do sometimes have a competitive streak, but they don’t like allowing this to cause tension between themselves and others. For the INFJ sometimes making bets is just taking risks that they will be disappointed or make a mistake on something they should have been more careful with.


ENFJs do sometimes allow their more competitive side to come out, and with this happens they are more likely to engage in making bets. They might do this just to prove that they are right about something, wanting to come against those who challenge them. ENFJs try to make bets in a way that won’t upset anyone or leave people feeling overwhelmed by their competitive nature. At the same time the ENFJ does have this inner desire to be a tiny bit reckless and bet on some things here and there, but this is something that comes out in small amount.


INFPs don’t usually find themselves drawn to the idea of making bets, since they don’t often show their competitive side. INFPs are more likely to compete with themselves, and want to push to always be better with the things they are passionate about. When it comes to making bets against people, this can feel a bit unusual for the INFP and isn’t often something they are all that comfortable with. They don’t like this type of tension and usually feel like it is a bit pointless.


ENFPs are often drawn to new challenges and so sometimes they might enjoy making bets. Whether this be on a larger scale, or simply making a little bet between friends. It doesn’t always have to include betting money, sometimes it is just the idea of betting someone that they are right about a certain subject. ENFPs do have a competitive streak and often have a desire to prove themselves right and show how much they know about something.


INTJs are highly competitive people and sometimes this causes them to be interested in making bets. Sometimes this is just a simple bet here and there, one between friends where they can prove themselves right about something which is important to them. INTJs are very aware of what they know, and so they want to be able to prove others wrong when they challenge their knowledge. Sometimes a good bet is just a fun way to take on these challenges and show just how capable they are.


ENTJs do often enjoy making bets, simply because they are competitive people who enjoy being right. They are fully aware of their knowledge base and so they are often confident in the fact that they are right about something. Because of this ENTJs will certainly be willing to bet on the things they know, and often enjoy being able to do this. For them betting is just a good way to prove themselves right, and to prove the person challenging them to be utterly wrong.


INTPs might enjoy betting in some situations, since they enjoy taking on new challenges. If the things they are betting on have a way for them to really analyze the situation and be sure they are correct, then this is thrilling for the INTP. They like to challenge themselves and experience new things, and always seek out way to expand and grow their minds. This might not be something the INTP enjoys doing constantly, but they aren’t averse to making bets.


ENTPs might be the betting type, simply because they enjoy taking on a good challenge. For them it can be deeply fulfilling to push themselves to experience new things and take on a good challenge. Betting against someone isn’t much different than getting into a heated debate, and might even be where the debate comes to a climax. For the ENTP it can be rewarding to bet against someone just to prove them wrong, and come out the winner.


ISTJs may not be the betting kind in most situations, simply because they prefer to play things safe. For them making bets too often can seem reckless, and simply a way to impress others. There might be the occasional situation where the ISTJ takes on this challenge, especially if they feel a strong inner need to prove someone wrong. ISTJs only make bets when they are completely sure of themselves, and know that they cannot lose.


ESTJs might enjoy making bets simply because they are competitive people who like taking on new challenges. This competitive side of their personality can drive them to challenge others, in order to prove themselves right. ESTJs only make the bets they can be sure they will win at, and don’t like taking chances on things which might not work out how they want. For the ESTJ it is rewarding to be able to compete with others, especially when they are confident in themselves.


ISFJs might not be all that interested in making bets, especially if it will be something which disrupts the peace and harmony in their environment. ISFJs like to keep things more peaceful and want to ensure that everyone around them is comfortable. That doesn’t mean they are incapable of taking on a little fun and lighthearted competition, it just depends on the situation and the reasoning behind it. They might make the occasional bet, but it isn’t usually something they are drawn to.


ESFJs aren’t usually the betting type, simply because it seems a bit pointless to invest their energy into this. They might bet against someone they are arguing with, especially if they know that person is wrong. ESFJs do have a competitive steak inside of them, and dislike when another person acts as if they are clueless when the ESFJ knows what they are talking about. In these situations they might make a bet just to have the chance to really prove someone wrong.



ISTPs do feel rewarding by things which are thrilling and even a bit of a challenge. For them making a bet here and there is just a fun way to spice things up. When the situation becomes too stagnant the ISTP can find themselves becoming bored or antsy. Tossing in the occasional bet can be an interesting way to shake things up, and put a bit of competition in front of their friends or whomever is around them.


ESTPs do enjoy things which are exciting and thrilling, and so they might enjoy making the occasion bet. For the ESTP it is about being able to prove themselves right, which is something they do get a bit of a thrill out of. They spend a lot of time researching and working to get their facts straight, so then the ESTP knows something they feel very sure about this. Because of this they do like making bets where they can prove themselves right, instead of simply arguing without a solution in sight.


ISFPs aren’t usually the betting type, simply because this often feels a bit pointless for them. They would rather focus on things which are fulfilling for them, and in most situations betting just feels fruitless. They won’t mind the occasional bet which is done completely in jest, but it isn’t something they often seek out. ISFPs don’t need to compete against other people, since they are often competing against themselves.


ESFPs aren’t usually the betting type, and might not really enjoy this. While they do enjoy proving themselves right, they usually just do this without having to lay down a bet first. ESFPs can become bored of having to constantly bet over things and would rather just focus on the things which are exciting and thrilling for them. ESFPs might engage in the occasion bet simply for fun, but it isn’t something they are likely interested in all of the time.

It’s important to unplug from work.

When it’s time to unwind and relax after work, do you find yourself kicking back and playing betting games with your friends? Wouldn’t it be cool if every bet were a sure bet?

Yeah, some of the thrills of placing bets is knowing that luck is on your side when you win. But when you lose, it’s another story.

We’ve got some betting tricks that’ll make it look like luck is almost always on your side.

With enough practice and a little trickery, you’ll win every time. (Gullible friends help too.)

Impress Your Friends with These Betting Tricks

Even if you’re into serious betting and know all about the greatest betting exchanges, you can still have fun with some betting tricks.

So once you’ve finished doing your “betting homework,” perhaps studying the latest review of Matchbook and placing your bets, head on out to the bar and dazzle your friends with these simple tricks.

1. The Missing Coin

Take two glasses. Place a penny under one of them, and a penny at the bottom of the other.

Show your friend the two glasses so they think there’s a penny at the bottom of each one. Bet him or her that you can make one of those pennies disappear.

When you fill the glass with the penny on the bottom, it’ll remain. But filling the glass with the penny underneath will give the illusion that the penny has disappeared.

2. Pulling Names from a Hat

You’ll need a hat for this one.

Grab a sheet of paper and fold it into thirds. Write your friend’s name on the top third, your name on the middle third and your friend’s name on the bottom third.

Tear the paper into three equal strips, fold them and put them in the hat. Then tell your friend that every time you pull out their name, you’ll buy them a drink. S/he will likely see this as a sure bet because your name is only in there once.

But the piece with your name will have rough edges on both sides because it was torn from the middle. So when you shake up the pieces, feel around for the piece with rough edges on both sides.

It’ll be yours.

3. Floating Paper Clips

Before you head out, slip two paper clips into your pocket or bag.

Get a glass of water and slide it toward the center of the table or bar. Casually remove the clips from your pocket or bag and ponder aloud to your friends whether there’s a way to get one of them to float in the water.

They’ll try and fail. Then bet that you can do it.

Once they take the bet, just bend one of the clips at an angle of 90?, and put the second one on top of it. Put this configuration on the water, then remove the lower folded clip under the water.

The first clip will remain afloat.

4. Keeping the Match in Place

Be sure you have a box of small wood matches on you.

Then take two upturned glasses and place a $20 bill under one of them. Place the wood match between the two glasses – about halfway up. Then announce that whoever can remove the $20 without moving the match can have it.

Seems impossible.

When it comes to your turn, use one of the other matches to light the match between the two glasses. The heat exchange will cause the head of the match to stick to the one glass while you remove the other and take your $20 back.

5. The Blow Hard

Grab an empty shot glass and put a dime right in the middle.

Wonder aloud if it’s possible to get the dime out without touching the glass or the dime. Challenge others to try. When they can’t, bet them you can.

Then lean near the edge of the glass and blow into it with as much force as possible. Unless you have weak lungs, the dime will blast out and drop onto the bar.

If you’re really cool, you might even catch it.

6. The Balancing Act

Take an empty glass.

Put a credit card on it so that one of its edges protrudes. Ask your friends to put a quarter on that protruding edge without it falling. After they fail, bet them you can do it.

Then remove the card, pour water in the glass to the rim, and repeat the trick. The coin will remain where it is.

7. Picking Pennies

Take precisely 17 pennies and then make it look as though you’re just randomly dumping a bunch of pennies on the table. Then ask your friend if s/he wants to play a game.

Tell your friend that you each get to draw 1, 2 or 3 pennies for each turn, and assure him or her that no matter how many pennies he or she picks up, you will always be able to draw last.

As long as your friend always goes first and the total draw for each turn is 4 pennies, you’ll always be left with the last penny.

8. The Bottle and the Buck

First, empty a beer bottle. That’s the easy part.

Then place it upside down in the middle of a $20 bill. Tell your friends if they can remove it without touching or moving the bottle, they can have it.

Once they all fail, begin rolling the $20 bill toward the bottle. Continue to gently roll the bill, being careful to not touch the bottle with your hands. The rolling motion will push the bottle off the bill and you’ll be awesome.

Bets To Make With Someone You Likely

9. Alternating Glasses

You’ll need either six shot glasses or six small water glasses.

Take three of the glasses and fill them with water. Leave the other three empty.

Arrange them in a line, starting with the three empty ones.

Then bet your friends they can’t change the arrangement to alternating glasses (one full, one empty, one full, etc.) while moving only one glass. After they’ve thought it over and unsuccessfully moved one shot glass around, you show them how it’s done.

Simply lift the second filled shot glass, pour the water into the second empty shot glass, and put it back down. Done.

10. Make An Egg Stand

Good Bets To Make

This is one of the most difficult betting tricks on the list.

Good Bets To Make With Someone You Like

But only because it’ll be difficult to convince your friends that you just happened to “by chance” have a hard-boiled egg with you.

If you can get past that part, the rest is easy.

Things To Make Bets On

Just bet your friends that you can make that egg stand vertically on the table. After they all try – with no success – take a small handful of salt and pour it onto the table. Then simply put the egg upright on the salt.

Have Fun!

You’ve probably noticed there’s a little cheating involved sometimes. And there will always be those times when these betting tricks don’t work. They depend on a lot of factors.

But the ultimate goal is to have a good time and enjoy yourself. After all, you’ve worked hard all day. It’s time to unwind and have some fun.

Bets To Make With Someone You Liked

You can always detox tomorrow!

And be sure to keep checking in with us to get some more great tips on living life outside of work.

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