Bets You Can Make On The Super Bowl


You bet on spreads, and you can diversify your portfolio of bets with. Can you talk to us about some of the prop bets that you have in your Super Bowl. Get top online Super Bowl 55 betting lines and predictions. Make your bets and picks online for real money on the NFL Championship. Find here our list of Super Bowl betting sites, ranked from best to worst, for you to choose where to bet on Super Bowl, whether you're wagering props, futures or the money line. It's that time of year again. Super Bowl XLIX means the return of weirdly specific prop bets to keep fans, and maybe a few gambling addicts, on the. The next Super Bowl is this Sunday, February 2. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers are sure to play a great game, but maybe you're looking to make things more interesting?

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What is the “Super Bowl”?

The “Super Bowl” is the “final” of the American Football Leagues. It is played between the AFC (American Football Conference) champions and the NFC (National Football Conference) champions. It is the most popular single sporting event in the U.S.

When and where is the game?

The 2018 game will be played on Sunday February 4th at 18.30 Eastern Time at the U.S. bank stadium in Minneapolis, Minnesota (home of the Minnesota Vikings).

Who is playing?

New England Patriots vs Philadelphia Eagles (or) Philadelphia Eagles @ New England Patriots

Note: For betting purposes New England Patriots are the “Home” team and Philadelphia Eagles are the “Away” team.

What are the Super Bowl statistics for both teams?

The New England Patriots have won five Super Bowls 2001 (36), 2003 (38), 2004 (39), 2014 (49), 2016 (51). They have been in the final eight times. The Philadelphia Eagles have never won the Super Bowl. They have been in the final twice.

What betting markets are available?

The Super Bowl is the biggest sporting event in the U.S. so there is huge gambling interest in the game. There are many betting markets that include match betting, individual betting and statistics betting. Because the game is divided into four quarters (and, of course, two halves) there are also a lot of markets available for each quarter (and, of course, for each half).

Please see below for popular, common and “special” bets that are available with (approximate) odds for the Super Bowl final. Recommended bets are given as **

Match Bets

Bets You Can Make On The Super Bowl

To Win / Lose:

Game Result Money Line (Win / Lose – no tie)

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.80**
New England Patriots @ 1.45

1st Half Result Money Line

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.65
New England Patriots @ 1.83

1st Half Result (with the tie)

Philadelphia Eagles @ 2.70
New England Patriots @ 1.60
Draw @ 8.50

Note: 2nd Half and 1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter markets are also available for Money Line and Result bets – check individual online gambling websites for odds.

Game Result Spread (Handicap) + / - 5 points - Philadelphia start with a 5 point “lead”. So if Philadelphia lose by less than 5 points, or draw, or win then the bet is counted as a “win” for Philadelphia. If New England win by 6 or more points the bet is a win for New England.

Philadelphia (+5) @ 1.91**
New England Patriots (-5) @ 1.91

1st Half Result Spread (Handicap) + / - 3 points

Philadelphia (+3) @ 1.91
New England Patriots (-3) @ 1.91

Double Result - A “double” bet - After the First Half Team A is winning, losing or drawing and after the Second Half Team A wins, loses, draws.

Patriots / Patriots @1.75
Patriots / Eagles @ 9.00**
Draw / Patriots @ 13.00
Eagles / Eagles @ 3.75
Eagles / Patriots @ 7.50
Draw / Eagles @ 17.00

Individual Bets

First Touchdown Scorer (Last Touchdown Scorer odds are the same as First Touchdown Scorer)

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) @ 8.00
Dion Lewis (Patriots) @ 9.00
Zak Ertz (Eagles) @ 13.00
Jay Ajayi (Eagles) @ 15.00
No Touchdown Scorer @ 201.00 (for fun!)**

Anytime Touchdown Scorer

Rob Gronkowski (Patriots) @ 1.91
Dion Lewis (Patriots) @ 2.25
Zak Ertz (Eagles) @ 2.75
Jay Ajayi (Eagles) @ 3.00

MVP – Most Valuable Player

Tom Brady (Patriots Quarter Back) @ 1.57
Rob Gronkowski (Patriots Tight End) @ 17.00
Nick Foles (Eagles Quarter Back) @ 4.50**
Jay Ajayi (Eagles Running Back) @ 17.00

Team Bets

1st Team Touchdown

New England @ 1.61 **
Philadelphia @ 2.10
No Touchdown 31.00

1st Team to Turnover

New England @ 2.05**
Philadelphia @ 1.75
No Turnover 15.00

Philadelphia Team Defensive Touchdowns

0 @ 1.05
1 @ 7.50
2+ @ 26.00

New England Defensive Touchdowns

0 @ 1.08
1 @ 6.50
2+ @ 26.00

Double bet of “1” of each team. **

Team with Most Punts

New England @ 3.20
Philadelphia @ 1.83

Team with Most Turnovers

New England @ 2.60
Philadelphia @ 2.15
Tie 3.80

Statistic Bet Markets

Total Match Points

Over (+) 48 @ 1.91
Under (-) 48 @ 1.91**

Note: The most common total score is 41, the second most common is 44. The average score total is 43.06. See for more information.

Odd / Even

Odd @ 1.70
Even @ 2.05**

Remember – Odd + Odd = Even / Even + Even = Even and Odd + Even = Odd

First Half Total Points

Over (+) 24 @ 2.00
Under 24 (-) @ 1.83

Second Half Total Points

Over (+) 23.5 @ 1.80
Under 23.5 (-) @ 1.95

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th quarter markets are also available for total point bets – check individual online gambling websites for odds.

1st Scoring Play - Which team will score first and by which method?

New England Touchdown @ 2.50
Philadelphia Touchdown @ 3.10
New England Field Goal @ 4.50
Philadelphia Field Goal @ 4.80**
New England Safety @ 67.00
Philadelphia Safety @ 67.00


Will there be a safety?

Yes 15.00
No 1.02

Note: A safety is when a player with the ball is tackled in his own end zone or when a foul is committed by the offense in their own end zone. They are the most uncommon method of scoring. A safety occurs on average every 14.31 games.

Will there be “overtime”?

Yes 12.00**
No 1.02

Note: Only one Super Bowl game has had overtime – last year’s (Super Bowl 51, 2017)

In-game Betting

There is also “Live” betting available – please check these changing odds as the game is played and in between the quarters and halves.

Where can I bet?

The Super Bowl is one of the biggest sporting events in the world, so all online bookmakers which are not only US-based websites but also European, Asian sites offer a lot of betting odds. However, of course, the markets(types of betting odds) and prices are not same. It depends on bookies. Hence, if you want to bet on statistics markets or individual players markets especially, we recommend that using William Hill that offers quite many odds. On the other hand, if you are looking for the highest value odds for match result or over/under, check out the Pinnacle.

We hope that you win.
Good Luck!

One of the coolest things about the Super Bowl is that it’s the number one sporting event for attracting new and first-time sports bettors. If you’re here, the chances are high that this is probably the first time you’ve ever bet on sports, which is awesome! But with that awesomeness comes a lot of questions.

How do you bet on the Super Bowl? Where can I bet on the Super Bowl? How do I make sure I don’t make any beginner mistakes? In this guide, we’re going to address and answer all of those questions and more. In a matter of minutes, you’ll have all the tools, knowledge, and resources you need to know how to bet on the Super Bowl in 2021.

Where to Bet on Super Bowl 55 Right Now

Betting Site
BonusBet Now
1 up to €30 Free BetGo to Site
100% up to €122Go to Site
3100% up to €200Go to Site
100% up to €50Go to Site
5 100% up to €50Go to Site

5 Options for Real Money Betting on Super Bowl 55

Online Super Bowl Betting Apps

The easiest and most popular way to bet on the Super Bowl is a perfect marriage between sports and technology. Thanks to innovation and tech growth, you’re now able to bet on the big game without ever needing to leave your home, office, or lazy boy. We’re talking about online Super Bowl betting apps! If you want to get into the action fast, but in a safe and reputable manner, check out one of the sports betting sites we’ve listed at the top of this guide.

  • Most convenient and efficient way to place Super Bowl bets
  • Bonuses and VIP rewards available for players of all levels
  • Safe, secure, and no risk of someone else messing up your bet
  • Might feel different if you’re used to betting in person
  • Lots of betting app options to choose from (may feel overwhelming)

Our Favorite Option:

Our two favorite picks for the best Super Bowl betting sites online are MyBookie and BetUS. Click in the links below so you can check out these betting apps.

In-Person Sportsbooks

The most well-known option for how to bet on the Super Bowl is brick and mortar sportsbooks. This might be a sportsbook attached to a casino or a stand-alone bookmaker. Either way, these in-person establishments allow you to join other patrons and make wagers face to face.

  • The sportsbook atmosphere around Super Bowl time can be exciting
  • You can get free drinks
  • You can talk to someone face to face if you have questions
  • Lines are especially long around Super Bowl time
  • Betting odds can change against you while you’re waiting in line
  • Bonuses and rewards are limited, especially for smaller bettors
  • Higher probability of human error

Our Favorite Option:

It all depends on where you live, and if you have a brick and mortar sportsbook close by. Check our US sportsbooks page to find out more about how to gamble in your state.

Wagering With Family and Friends

Want to liven up the game with a little competitive fun with friends and family? Well, if you want to, you can always choose to make bets right at home. What’s great about wagering with friends and family is that you don’t have to bet money. You can bet chores, the next meal, or even a round of drinks.

Be careful, though. If you do bet money and it’s enough to sting when someone loses, you may risk souring relationships. If that’s a concern, stick to one of the other ways to bet on the Super Bowl from this list.

  • You don’t pay any rake on wagers
  • It can add some fun competition to the game
  • You don’t have to bet money if you don’t want to
  • Could cause relationship issues
  • Winning means taking money from friends and family (not the sportsbook)
  • No system for arbitration if there are arguments

Our Favorite Super Bowl Bets With Friends:

  • Bet on the game-winner
  • Bet on whether or not the total final score will be odd or even
  • Bet on whether or not the first score will be a touchdown or something else

Private Bookies

If you’ve ever watched a classic mobster movie, then you know what a bookie is. It’s someone who basically “runs their own sportsbook” or collects money for someone else running their own sportsbook. These private bookies are almost always doing something illegal. In the early days of sports betting, we understood why people would take the risks to use these people,

However, with so many great Super Bowl betting apps and other simple options, there’s no need to take on this unnecessary risk anymore. We only included the option here for completeness.

  • We don’t condone the use of private bookies due to the lack of pros and benefits associated with the practice.
  • It’s illegal in most jurisdictions
  • You have no way to protect yourself from theft
  • The ability to bet on margin can get you in a lot of trouble

Our Favorite Option:

Bets You Can Make On The Super Bowl Win

None, unless you like having your legs broken. Seriously, there are zero good reasons you should be using a private bookie when you have so many reputable online Super Bowl betting site options.

Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)

A slightly different way to bet on sports that has grown in popularity over the past few years is daily fantasy sports (DFS). DFS is a lot like the season-long fantasy sports you’re used to (where you get points for players doing well), but it condenses the leagues down into a single day or even a single game competition. If you want to mix things up for this year’s Super Bowl, DFS might be something worth checking out.

  • Good opportunities to turn a small buy-in into a large win
  • Access to a large pool of other sports bettors to compete against
  • Different than traditional sports betting
  • Large player pools make it tougher to win
  • Requires more understanding and learning than traditional betting
  • Not available in many states in the U.S.

Our Favorite Option:

The best option currently for daily fantasy sports is DraftKings. And remember you can learn all about DFS in our complete Daily Fantasy Sports betting guide, link below.

Step by Step Guide for How to Bet On The Super Bowl Right Now

1. Decide What Type of Super Bowl Bet You Want To Make.

Pick out the type of wager you want to make. If this is your very first bet, we recommend choosing either a moneyline bet, a spread bet, or an over/under bet.

Venus and serena williams

  • Moneyline bet – All you have to do is pick the team that wins the Super Bowl.
  • Spread bet – Pick the team that is going to outperform their expectations. The team you bet on doesn’t necessarily have to win the game for you to win your bet. For example, if a team is +3, they are expected to lose the game by 3 points. As long as they lose the game by 2 points or fewer (or win the game), they’ve outperformed the spread and you win.
  • Over/Under bet – This is a wager on the total number of points scored by both teams. The Super Bowl betting site sets a line of how many points it believes will be scored cumulatively.
    • If you choose the over and more points than that line are scored, you win.
    • Choose the under and fewer points than that line are scored, you win.

    It never matters who wins the game or what team scores the points. The only thing that matters is when you add both scores together at the end of the Super Bowl.

2. Decide How Much Want To Make Your Wager.

Online Super Bowl betting websites let you wager as little as a few dollars, whereas in-person options might have slightly higher minimums. If you’re brand new, it’s okay to bet small to get your feet wet.

Remember, if you need any help to determine your bet sizes, you can check our sports betting bankroll management page.

3. If You Choose To Bet Online, Open up Your Free Player’s Account.

Click one of the links we’ve provided at the top of the page to head on over to the Super Bowl betting site of your choice. Any of the options we’ve recommended will give you a great experience.

4. Make a Real Money Deposit.

Once you create your account through the ‘Sign Up’ or ‘Join Now’ button, head over to the cashier and make a real money deposit. You’ll have plenty of different options to choose from.

5. Navigate To the Super Bowl Bets.

After your account is funded, head over to the Super Bowl bets page. You may see a direct link or you may need to click on Sportsbook > Football > NFL > Super Bowl (or a similar combination on the menus) to get there.

6. Find the Wager You Want To Make and Add It To Your Virtual Betting Slip.

Pick out the bet you decided on in step one and click to add it to your virtual betting slip.

7. Enter How Much Money You Want To Bet.

Enter the amount of money you want to bet on your virtual betting slip.

8. Confirm That Everything Looks Correct.

Make sure that everything looks correct. The things to check include:

  • You chose the right side of the bet.
  • The amount you want to bet is correct.
  • The amount you are getting paid if you win is correct.
  • You chose the right game. Generally, this is tough to mess up with the Super Bowl, but it’s worth noting.
Keep in mind that some Super Bowl betting sites show just the profit you’ll make and some sites show the profit plus your original bet.

9. Place Your Bet, and Reconfirm Everything Looks Correct on Your Betting Slip.

Click the ‘Place Bet’ button. You’re in! Immediately double check your betting slip one more time to make sure it’s correct. If you find an issue, don’t leave the betting counter (in-person) or contact support immediately (online).

10. Enjoy the Game!

Bets You Can Make On The Super Bowl Halftime

Sit back and see if you made a smart Super Bowl prediction.

4 Tips for Making Your First Super Bowl Bet

  1. Keep it simple – You’re new to all of this. There’s no reason to overcomplicate things. Stick to simple bets. And guess what? There is zero correlation between the complexity of your bets and the amount of money you can win. Many of the most successful NFL bettors make tons of money every year with the simplest of wagers.
  2. Start small – If this is your first time making real money sports bets, start small. Sports betting is going to be around for a long time, and the next NFL season is only a few months away after the Super Bowl.
  3. Remember why you’re betting – If you’re betting for fun, don’t get wrapped up in the results. If you’re betting to make money, make sure you stick to profitable strategies. We’ve seen a lot of people serious about making money wagering on things during the Super Bowl like the coin flip or what color shirt the halftime act is going to wear.
    There’s nothing wrong with betting for fun or to make money—just remember what side of the aisle you’re on.
  4. Always check your work – You’ll see us mention this several times throughout our guide on how to bet on the Super Bowl and for good reason. No matter where or how you bet, you need to check your betting slip immediately after you bet. If you bet in person, there’s a chance the agent made a mistake. If you bet online, there’s always a small chance you made a mistake. If you catch it right away and let someone know, the chances are good that you can get things corrected.

Common Beginner Super Bowl Betting Mistakes

Bets That Don’t Work in Unison

If you decide to make multiple bets, make sure they work in unison. All of your Super Bowl bets should fit the same storyline of what you expect to happen in the game. For example, if you bet:

  • Team A to win the game
  • Team B to score first
  • The team to score first wins the game

As you can see, you have contradictory bets here. If Team B scores first, you’re already behind on your bet for Team A to win (which may be okay in some circumstances). However, your bet that the team that scores first wins the game can’t win with the other two bets. If Team B scores first and wins the game, you win the last two bets but lose the first one. If Team B scores first and loses the game, you win the first two bets but lose the last one.

Forgetting to Check Your Tickets

We’ve mentioned it several times, and we’re going to mention it again. Make sure you check your betting ticket before you bet and after. If you see something, say something. Mistakes can be corrected right away, but you’ll never convince anyone you meant to do something different later.

Making Wagers You Don’t Understand

There’s an unhealthy perception in the betting community amongst some uninformed people that more complex Super Bowl bets give you a better chance of winning. It’s simply not true. If anything, it lowers your chances of winning because you run the risk of making a mistake. Stick to wagers you completely understand.

Super Bowl Betting FAQ

Yes, but which Super Bowl bonus depends on what your plans are after the big game. If you are planning on keeping your account open and betting on more games, you can use any bonus you want. The reason this is important is that bonus dollars come with a playthrough requirement. This means you have to wager the funds a certain number of times before you can cash them out. If you are only planning on betting on the Super Bowl and cashing out right away, this can create issues.

If you are only planning on betting on the Super Bowl and cashing everything out right away, there is still a bonus you can use! The 10% up to $200 bonus from MyBookie comes with a 1x rollover requirement. That means that after you bet the bonus dollars one time, they are yours to cash out immediately!

For most of the Super Bowl betting sites listed here, no. While you might see codes advertised on the sites, you'll have the options for the bonus you want when you make your first deposit (usually in a dropdown menu). If you don't see an option when making your deposit, head over to the promotions page on the site (while logged in) and you'll see the codes you need.
Our two favorite picks for the best Super Bowl bonuses you can claim right now are:
  • 10% up to $200 from MyBookie with a 1x rollover requirement
  • 125% up to $3,125 from BetUS with a 10x rollover requirement
Bets you can make on the super bowl commercials

What Kind Of Bets Can You Make On The Super Bowl

The fastest, safest, and easiest way to bet on the Super Bowl right now is through a real money NFL betting site. We've included some links to our favorite options at the top of this guide.