Bingo Pachinko


Prepare to be taken into ancient Japanese valleys surrounded by mountains and beautiful traditional buildings, with maneki cats to keep you company!

  1. Dr Bingo Pachinko 3
  2. Jogar Bingo Pachinko 3 Gratis
  3. Bingo Pachinko 2
  4. Bingo Pachinko
  5. Bingo Pachinko 3 Gratis

The original Bingo Patinko 3, now available to play on your phone or tablet with free credits. The most played bingo machine in Brazil. The original Pachinko 2 Bingo. Destroy the lines in the board with the red blocks. The most minimalist game ever. Pachinko 3D tasks players with making patterns on up to four bingo cards. At the start of the game, you’ll be in control of just how many tickets you want to play: all four are active at the start, but you can click on any of them to toggle each on or off. Winner bet promo code free. In addition, you’ll need to set a bet size at the bottom of the screen.

Microgaming and Neko Games prepared a truly fun game for us to enjoy. This Asian – themed slot titled Pachinko will surely attract plenty of punters who enjoy this kind of scenery!

Bingo Pachinko


The game itself is based on the traditional Japanese Pachinko system, which is a combination of slots and pinball machines. Although intricate at first, this kind of game becomes really easy and fun to play once the rules are understood.

Pachinko is highly volatile with an RTP value of 95.82%. The features we can look forward to are: Wilds, Jackpot and Bonuses.

Like what you hear? Well that is not all!

Let’s get down to some of the more interesting specifics!


Theme and Symbols

Dr Bingo Pachinko 3

As mentioned, this is a Japanese – themed game, and immediately upon loading, you are brought back in time to ancient Japanese lands, with vast misty valleys surrounded by high mountain peaks.

At the center stands a large old gate embraced by cherry trees, providing passage to a hidden village. Right next to it stands a Maneki cat waving at you, keeping you company and acting as some sort of lucky charm!

As far as symbols are concerned, here are some you will encounter during gameplay:

  • Maneki – neko kittens with Kobans in hands are symbols in the bonus game
  • White cats with prizes above their heads that signify awards
  • Wild Ball represented as an orange smiling maneki kitten

Betting Options and Other Functions

Jogar Bingo Pachinko 3 Gratis

This is a pachinko/slot hybrid where a jackpot can award up to 5000x the bet.

The minimum amount one can bet is 0.05, while the maximum value stands at 40 coins per spin. Keep in mind that this is a highly volatile one– armed bandit with an RTP of 95.82%, making it slightly above current industry standards.

Remember that you can always try this game for free playing the demo version!

Special Features

Bingo Pachinko 2

Now let’s take a glance at special features:

Free Balls – you can win up to 5 free balls after activating the double line. All of the extra balls can become free balls, and you will know this thanks to a blue pop up message on the screen.

Wild Ball – This feature allows players to receive a wild ball at random. After a regular ball has been purchased, it has a chance to turn into Wild. You can then increase your winning odds after selecting any uncalled numbers. If you’re lucky, the screen will display an image of the orange cat signifying Wild Ball.

Bonus game – This game activates after a certain bonus pattern has been achieved. A 5-level shelf with maneki cats is displayed, with all of the kittens colored differently depending on their values. If one of them has an exit sign, the game will end. On the other hand, if the selected cat hides an award you get to progress to the next level, so the point of the game is to win as many prizes as you can.

Jackpot – in order to activate this feature, the player must have all four tickets enabled, and when the first 30 balls are picked, the prize is awarded. Keep in mind that this feature can get you up 5000x the bet.

Bingo Pachinko


Bingo Pachinko 3 Gratis

All in all, this is looking up to be a really fun video slot by Microgaming and Neko Games. With the ever-popular Oriental theme and well thought-out features, we are certain that Pachinko will provide a great experience.