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Hello, we are Gust,Simas and SgDad and we are Gamers!!! So if you are a Gamer this Channel is for YOU!!! Hi i'm alex and i love playing roblox and among us mod games with my friends! We like to call ourselves 'The Squad'! Subscribe to join us on many adventures!


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Simas BloxForFun 2021

NAME: Simas BloxForFun
AGE: 9 years old
BIRTHDAY: October 10, 2011
BIRTHPLACE: United States

Who is Simas BloxForFun?

Simas BloxForFun is a 9 years old famous Youtube star. He was born in United States on October 10, 2011. Famous for comprising one-third of the popular Blox4Fun YouTube channel. He has earned more than 506 million views alongside his father and brother for their Roblox, Minecraft, and Fortnite playthroughs, montages, and tips.

His brother’s name is Gust.

He has helped his YouTube channel grow to boast more than 500,000 subscribers. His Blox4Fun merchandise has been released on Teespring.

On CelebrityPhoneNumbers, Simas BloxForFun ranks 20409th in the ranking that compiles the most desired mobile phone numbers. He’s one of the most famous Youtube stars at the age of 9, with millions of fans worldwide.

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