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Table Of Contents, the gambling news site, will no longer be updated. That is according to a statement on the website published today.

The site was the brainchild of billionaire owner Calvin Ayre who launched the site in 2009, calling it the “premier global gambling news site.”

Feb 24, 2021, the gambling news site, will no longer be updated. That is according to a statement on the website published today. The site was the brainchild of billionaire owner Calvin Ayre who. What is a no deposit bonus code? Bonus codes are a way for the casino to offer the benefit to the players. The codes you find will need to redeem at the casino, most often during the sign-up process. Once you use the code, the bonus cash or extra spins will be automatically deposited to your account and you’ll be able to use them immediately. The United States Code is a consolidation and codification by subject matter of the general and permanent laws of the United States. It is prepared by the Office of the Law Revision Counsel of the United States House of Representatives. First period betting accounted for nearly all of our profits in 2016-17, and the biggest key to that success was using NHL first period stats. In this article, we show 3 great sources for NHL team goals by period stats, then explain how to use them to pick more winners.

At the time, Ayre wasn’t satisfied with the way other gambling news sites were publishing stories, suggesting that they were too respectful of the industry’s biggest companies, so decided to create his own.

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Now the site is ceasing operations, with a team of contributors and writers left to say their goodbyes, including lead poker writer Paul Seaton

Focus Switches to Cryptocurrency

The announcement on the website states that the site is shutting down due to Ayre's primary focus having changed, from gambling to cryptocurrency.

“I used to do an annual predictions piece for the site, and as far back as 2011 I was predicting a sea change in online payments through the rise of Bitcoin. It’s taken longer than I originally projected, in part because Satoshi Nakamoto’s original vision for Bitcoin got hijacked by individuals too wedded to the status quo and their own self-interest. (Just like those gambling media sites sought to dethrone.)”

Ayre has been heavily involved in the cryptocurrency world for the past five years and this is clearly where his focus now lies.

In May 2016, Dr Craig Wright revealed Ayre was part of his business operation and had financially backed him to the tune of $30 million. Dr Wright claims to be the real person behind Satoshi Nakamoto, Bitcoin’s creator. Those claims are widely regarded as being false by the media and the cryptocurrency community, however.

Calvin Ayre and Coingeek

Ayre acquired, a cryptocurrency news site, in August 2017 and threw his weight behind Bitcoin Cash. Reports suggest Ayre’s Coingeek mining operations were the largest Bitcoin Cash miner in the world by July 2018.

Four months later, Ayre decided Bitcoin SV is the future of cryptocurrency and gave it his full support and backing.

“Fortunately, Bitcoin was given new life through Satoshi’s re-emergence – in the more tangible form of Dr. Craig Wright – and the release of Bitcoin SV (BSV), the only technology that remains true to the vision Satoshi outlined in his famous white paper (released one year before’s launch). But BSV isn’t just a frictionless payments solution; its unparalleled scaling capacity offers heretofore unthinkable possibilities for data management. BSV also heralds the arrival of the Metanet, Dr. Wright’s concept for a protocol that merges data and content for tracking, monetization and ownership in a peer-to-peer system.”

Gambling Articles To Remain Live, But For How Long?

Ayre signed off his message by stating “you never forget your first love” and by informing readers that the gambling articles will remain archived on

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The site is currently awash with writers and contributors saying their goodbyes and leaving their contact details. The likes of Paul Seaton, Erik Gibbs, and Editor-in-Chief Bill Beatty have all posted their final articles on Ayre's now-defunct platform.

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We do a lot of NHL first period betting, and that means we’re always looking at NHL first period stats.

In 2016-17, first period bets accounted for virtually all of our profits. Here’s the breakdown of how our 179 hockey first period bets fared during the season.

  • Moneylines: 40-33-30 for +7.14 units
  • Puck lines: 10-10 for +4.81 units (-0.5 puck lines generally pay +150 or better, enabling the profit at a .500 record)
  • Overs: 12-8 for +4.15 units
  • Unders: 23-13 for +7.93 units
  • Overall: 85-64-30 for +24.03 units

The point here isn’t to toot our own horn, but rather to show that there is great value to be found in these first period lines. Though a 179-wager sample is obviously a limited sample size, the fact that we were profitable in first period moneylines, puck lines, overs and unders illustrates what a great opportunity first period lines present.

In this article, we’ll unveil our favourite places to find NHL team goals by period and explain how they can help you take advantage of first period betting odds.

Where To Find NHL First Period Stats

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It isn’t always easy to find relevant NHL first period stats to help you break down those first period betting lines.

Here are our three favourite sources that we frequent on a daily basis.


When the NHL redesigned its website in 2016, it received plenty of criticism. But while it may take you more clicks than it should to get the information you’re looking for, there still is a lot of valuable info to be found.

That includes NHL first period stats, which you can find here. On this page, you can see how many goals each team has scored in the first period on the season as well as how many they’ve allowed.

You can also view similar splits for each team in the second and third periods, helping you identify which periods have been teams’ strengths and weaknesses (this can be really valuable for live betting too.)



Knowing how many goals a team has scored in first periods and how many they’ve given up is certainly helpful for NHL first period betting.

However, outliers (like when teams score four first-period goals in one game) can skew those stats, especially early in the season. When you’re betting first period moneylines, you’re more concerned about finding teams that are consistently strong in first periods.

On, you can find each team’s record when leading, trailing or being tied after one period. You can access them by clicking on whatever team you’re interested in seeing the first period stats for, then clicking on ‘situational’ in the menu bar (see the red arrow in the screenshot below).

On the situational page for each team, you’ll be able to find the number of times they’ve led, trailed or been tied after each period. You can also see each team’s record when scoring first or allowing the first goal, when they’ve outshot the opponent or been outshot, and in one-goal games.

Unfortunately, we haven’t found a page at that includes this information for all teams on one page. But if you just replace one team’s abbreviation for another’s in the URL (example: change to, you can quickly access the situational information for that other team.


The Covers NHL matchup pages are a great resource for a lot of different information, and you’ll even find NHL team goals by period broken down into various categories relevant for bettors.

In their statistical analysis portion of the matchup page, you can view each team’s period splits overall, home/away, as a favourite, as an underdog, and over the last 10 games. Unlike the other two sites we use for first period stats, Covers lists each team’s goals per period as an average per game, which we like as well.

How To Use NHL First Period Stats In Your Handicapping

Alright, so you’ve found some places to access NHL first period stats. But how do you apply them to win some more bets?

The key is to look for value. If a team is a big favourite on the full-game moneyline, they’re also going to be pretty heavy favourites on the first period lines. So unless their greatest dominance typically comes in first periods while their opponents’ greatest weakness is in the first periods, you’re not really going to get much of a betting advantage.

However, if an underdog on the full-game moneyline has better first period stats than the favourite, you’ve found some value. You’ve now got a chance to get plus money return with a team that may actually have a better chance of winning the first period than their opponent, assuming that the teams play to their normal tendencies.

Adding #NYR 1P moneyline at +122 odds. Hoping it’s Lundqvist in net for Rags, but always happy to get plus money fading the Kings in 1P at home. LAK have been outscored 19-11 in 1P at home this year, were bad last year as well.

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— NHL Tips (@NHLTips_ca) January 22, 2018

The same logic applies to first period over/under betting. Odds on those wagers are generally based on the full-game lines and don’t necessarily reflect each team’s tendencies in first periods. If you can find a matchup of two teams who both score/allow more goals in first periods than any other periods, you may be able to find an edge.

Don’t just blindly rely on NHL first period stats

Betting on NHL first periods isn’t as simple as completely relying on first period stats.

5 dollar deposit casino nz. Think of these NHL first period stats as just one tool in your tool box. You should still be looking at things like the recent play of both teams, who the starting goaltenders are, home/away splits, scheduling, history between the teams and, of course, the odds.

For example, even if the first period stats favour the Blues tonight, you still might not want to bet on them if they are in a big-time scoring slump and have lost a few in a row. Their confidence won’t be too high coming into this game, and you’ll need them to score at least 1 goal (possibly more, if their opponent scores at all) in order to cash a first period moneyline bet on them.

The @penguins have outscored Nashville 9-2 in the first period through five games of the #StanleyCup Final.

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— NHL Public Relations (@PR_NHL) June 9, 2017

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Instead, use the first period stats to complement a play that you already like. One ideal situation is when you like a team to win the game but they’re playing their 4th game in 6 nights and you’re worried about fatigue. That team will be at their freshest in the opening period, so if their first period stats are favourable against tonight’s opponent, playing them on the first period moneyline is a way to back them in a strong situation while limiting the fatigue effect.

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We also like using first period stats as part of a live betting strategy. If you like a game to go Over the total tonight but the two teams have shown a tendency to play low-scoring first periods, why not wait until the first intermission to bet the Over in live betting instead? You might get a lower total to work with if the first period has 1 or 0 goals scored in it, plus you’ve also eliminated the lowest-scoring periods of these two teams from your wager.

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Again, don’t just base a wager entirely on NHL first period stats. However, if those stats are supported by a few other situational and statistical angles, you should be able to exploit some favourable odds that the bookmakers haven’t completely accounted for.