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Football is all about the goals. Nobody wants to watch a 0-0 play out, with phrases such as parking the bus and stalemate ones best avoided from Match of the Day. All the Premier League’s star players revolve around finding the back of the net. The likes of Romelu Lukaku, Harry Kane and Mohamed Salah are paid the big bucks because they do it so well. But, goals galore can also earn you the big money.

All BTTS tips for today are all shown here. If you are new to this type of betting market, it stands for Both Teams To Score. It means that you decide whether or not both teams in a football match will score ot not. This option is either 'Yes' or 'No'. BTTS tips for the weekend are published on. In a Both Teams To Score bet you are looking to find games where you believe both teams will find the net during the game. So if the game ends 1-1, 2-1, 2-3, etc then you have a winner but if it ends 0-0, 1-0, 2-0, etc then you will lose. It is a very popular bet type and often punters use this bet in their accumulators to build a high odds bet.

Both Teams to Score (BTTS) betting tips and statistical predictions for all the major European leagues and competitions – c covering today, tomorrow and the weekend. An increasingly popular bet, our free football tips put you in control – whether you’re looking to place a single bet or an accumulator. Both Team to Score Tips and Predictions Monday 8th March – Alcorcon v Mirandes. Looking for the best Both Teams to Score tips today (or for tomorrow) will be much easier once you notice a pattern of players getting injured once they need to perform on a higher level. The time needed for new players to settle in. Both Teams to Score betting tips can get a little crazy right after the transfer period is done even though new. Our Both Teams To Score Tips are also available for tomorrow and the weekend. Yes, we provide them for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday so you will always be covered! What is BTTS or Both Teams to Score? Our free BTTS tips are based on a simple to understand concept which is described in the name of this popular betting market.

Both teams to score in both halves is one of the best wagers out there to make decent profits, with you able to earn that little bit more than you would with a simple both teams to score bet.
You can play the bet on most fixture across most bookmakers. So what’re you waiting for? Get your both teams to score in both halves betting off the ground.

What Is Both Teams To Score In Both Halves?

You can make good money on a both teams to score in both halves bet because in reality you’re making two bets.
Also known as BTTS in both halves, you’re ultimately making one bet on both sides to score in the first half and then another bet for both teams to find the back of the net in the second half.
Should it not happen in one of the halves, you lost the bet and won’t receive a payout. It is a tough bet to win and is generally best placed on sides who score a lot of goals or teams who have leaky defences.
The result from a BTTS in both halves must have a scoreline of at least 2-2, a scoreline not overly frequently seen, but the pay out does reflect this though.

Bookmakers That Offer Both Teams To Score In Both Halves

Most bookmakers these days offer both teams to score in both halves betting. It’s a wager that is becoming more popular with punters due to the high profits available and the fact we are seeing more goals than ever before.
Most major bookies will have the bet within their markets on football games ranging from Premier League to the MLS and even National Leagues, so it’s readily available for most matches, although you’ll still be able to get it via each bookies request a bet opportunities on social media.
The likes of Ladbrokes, William Hill, bet365 and more all offer BTTS in both halves, so no matter who you have an account with, you’ll be covered.

When To Play The BTTS In Both Halves Market

Both teams to score in both halves is a risky bet to take, so knowing when to play it is the key to success.
You generally have to know the sides inside out before making the bet as it’s a bet that doesn’t pay out too often.
Studying the form, or checking out our football predictions, will naturally be a major help. If a side is regularly scoring in both halves, then they of course might be worth a punt, while there are also a number of other factors to consider..

The Players Out On The Pitch

Firstly, knowing who is going to be on the pitch is a pretty important factor. If a player like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi are on the pitch, the chances are Real Madrid or Barcelona are going to score.
If the star striker is unavailable for the opposition, the chances of that team scoring in both halves may be a little less likely.
Keeping an eye on injuries and suspensions is always a good idea when browsing the BTTS in both halves market, as it can really affect how a team will line up, play and even determine tactics.

Leaky Defences & Aggressive Attacks

Studying how leaky defences are is a good way of predicting goals, while teamed up with an aggressive attack usually ensures of goals, and plenty of them.
A poor defence is often one of the best things to look for within the BTTS in both halves market as you can pretty much guarantee a number of goals if a side is regularly conceding.
Another aspect to look at is when they regularly concede. For example, if a team usually concedes late on, keeping it tight in the first half, then a BTTS in both halves could be a risky wager.

Team Tactics

Tactics are one of the biggest factors in BTTS in both halves. We mentioned parking the bus earlier, and if a team is likely to do it, you can probably expect them to hold out for a little while.
Jose Mourinho’s teams are a good example of this, with big games featuring one of his teams notoriously having a lack of goals.
On the other hand, teams who attack with freedom can often be susceptible at the back and have a higher chance of being involved in a BTTS in both halves game.
It’s all about how a team plays. Counter attacking sides are good to back with BTTS in both halves, with you generally seeing play a little more end to end.

The Manager’s Mentality

We’ve just mentioned Jose Mourinho and a manager’s mentality is often a good way to predict this wager. Mourinho will try to keep games tight, Jurgen Klopp is happy to take a score more than the opposition approach.
A manager’s mentality will vary dependent on the fixture they face. Studying results that have a familiarity with their upcoming way is a good method to detect how each team will play. For example, if a side only needs a draw to secure a play-off spot, they’re less likely to go seeking goals than if they were, say, if they needed three points to stay in the league.
Relegation battles or derbies can be good games to back the BTTS in both halves, particularly if any of the other factors above apply too.

Knockout Games

We’ve all heard and seen the magic of the FA Cup and fixtures that are one off knockout games really can cause a few surprises.
Teams have to go for it, which will often result in a higher number of goals. That’s because a winner is required, so even if the sides are a little mismatched on paper, you still may get a four goal game, and with pretty good odds too.
One thing to note though is on occasions such as Champions League fixtures, where it’s two legs, you may not necessarily get cases like this. The first leg is usually a little cagey and then the second leg is very much dictated by what happens in that first tie.
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Both teams to score in both halves tips are great ways to bolster up your odds. They can be tricky but rest assured we explore various leagues searching out matches where it's likely both teams will score in each half of the match.

BTTS in Both Halves

Check out these betting offers available from Betway:

What is a Both Halves BTTS Tip

To win a BTTS in Both Halves bet your selections must each score in each half of the match within the 90 minutes, or to the final whistle. The odds on a BTTS in both halves selections are generally migher than your usual BTTS, returns can sometimes go up to the 40/1 mark.

Bitcasino io no deposit bonus. If you stack a few BTTS in both halves bets into an accumulator, odds can rise to great heights. Hence the recent pick up within the market, it's a great bet but it's a tough one to sometimes get right.


Picking a BTTS Both Halves Bet

By their very nature they are a difficult bet to put together, you have to look for matches where the scoreline is going to be high. To even come close to winning a BTTS in both halves you are looking at the very least a scoreline of 2 - 2.

We look far and wide when putting our BTTS in both halves tips together, not long ago Man City and Liverpool were great for these type of bet. Great attaching teams with leaky defences are still ones to look out for when considering a BTTS in both halves. We now even look down lower European leagues, where goals galore matches can often take place.

BTTS Both halves offers

To place your Both Teams to Score in Both Halves tip you’ll now find a whole host of bookies willing to accept your bet. The popularity of this bet has rocketed, down to the simple fact of the odds being greatly boosted.

Check out your BTTS both halves bet in any of the online bookies an you’ll see fantastic odds, obviously the odds are very much dependent on other factors too. But, a BTTS in both halves will almost always at least double the odds when compared to other similar betting markets.

Predicting a both halves BTTS bet

Like we’ve already alluded to, check out recent defence and attacking qualities of the match you fancy going for with a BTTS in both halves. You can always have a quick run through our Teams data page.

We tend to go for the cup matches, maybe a Europa draw where the teams aren’t too fussed about the result so field a weakened side. This isn’t necessarily just the case for the Europa cup, there are other matches where they maybe a strong possibility of a high scoring match. This is what to look out for. Big matches can be low scoring affairs, with defensive tacticians and delaying tactics a goal can be difficult to come by, let alone at least one each in half by each team.

If you do see a couple of matches where you think there’s a possibility a BTTS in both halves, then check out what happens when you place them in an ACCA. The odds rocket.

Both Teams To Score In Both Halves Tips Today Match

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BTTS Both Halves Best Leagues

Both Teams To Score In Both Halves Tips Today Show

We do enjoy it when a BTTS in Both Halves bet comes in. But, what leagues offer the most BTTS Both Half results?

Well, we decided to investigate at this information will be valuable to any punter who enjoys a BTTS in both halves as much as we do.

Here's a round-up of the best leagues where you are most likely to land a BTTS in Both Halves tip -

LeagueMatches PlayedScored Both Halves% Ratio
Norway - Eliteserien9444.44
Boliva - Primera Division10641.539.15
China - Super League3111.537.10
England - Southern League South41714835.49
UAE - UAE League13345.534.21
Holland - Eredivisie2578633.46

We'll be keeping an eye on the above leagues and will update this as time goes by and changes occur. For now, check out the results from some of these leagues and remember to check out our BTTS both Halves tips too.