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Casino Belgium Bonus Rewards

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Why online casinos with Jackpots are amazing

A big Jackpot is one of the reasons to visit an online casino. Luckily, many websites have video slots and slot machines on which you can win a lot of money. The higher the Jackpot, how more interesting a slot becomes. Where can you find the online casinos with the highest Jackpots?

Page with overview of Jackpot per game

Always make sure that an online casino has a page with an overview of the Jackpot that can be won per gambling game. Most online casinos have this special page, which makes clear how much money can be yours if you’re very lucky. Perhaps luck will be at your side during a Progressive Jackpot game. ‘Progressive’ usually means that the amount of Jackpot money increases when more people start playing the game. Some games even have more than one Jackpot! These special games are usually clearly displayed on the home page of the online casino.
Other games with Jackpots
Progressive Jackpot games are not the only games with big prizes. Sometimes Roulette, Blackjack, Poker, Keno, Bingo and Scratch Cards use a Jackpot as well. At the moment there are several online Jackpots worth millions of euros! Perhaps your favorite casino or gambling game contains such a Jackpot, like Caribbean Poker or a lottery. You can usually buy a lottery ticket on the website of the lottery itself.
What was the highest Jackpot in history?
It comes as no surprise that Jackpots attract a lot of players. The higher the Jackpot, the more people are going to try to win. It’s very inspiring to read the highest online Jackpot ever paid out was worth 17.62 million euros! It fell on the Net Entertainment’s Mega Fortune Slot Machine. The Jackpot fell on January 20, 2013. It’s was worth so much, that even the The Guiness World Book of Records mentions it. Another reason to play a casino game with a Jackpot, because you can be the next big winner!

Casino’s Belgium

The Belgian government decided to allow gambling under strict conditions. For example, it is legally established that nine casinos may be operated in Belgium. Four in Flanders, four in Wallonia and one in Brussels. That is how it is distributed fairly. There are nine legal online casinos in Belgium associated with this. These have an A license. There are 180 amusement parks or arcades allowed in Belgium where you can gamble and these have a B license. And there may be 34 betting establishments and they have an F license. Online providers of these categories then receive an A +, B + or F + license, respectively, if they have been found legal by the Belgian Gaming Commission. It is very important that every casino in Belgium must not allow anyone under the age of 21 and that this must always be thoroughly checked on the basis of a valid identity card, passport or driving license. The games must also be fair and for this the casinos are obliged to use the random number generator software that makes the outcomes on the casino games random (random), just as it would be the case if you play manually. The computers are therefore not set up for the benefit of the casino but provide random outcomes so that players have a fair chance of winning.

Grand Casino Brussels

Gambling Belgium

Casino Belgium Bonus Games

Belgian flag In Belgium there are nine legal casinos where one can gamble and nine online casinos linked to it. For example Blitz casino is a real nice casino to play. There may be a maximum number of amusement parks or arcades where one can legally gamble and play slots. The offer is slightly different everywhere and can range from betting on sports matches to the well-known poker game. Gambling in Belgium is therefore possible in many places, fun guaranteed.

Casino 777 Roll ItEr has been gambled around the world since time immemorial. People used to gamble together at home, on the street or in an inn. In America it was the famous Saloons we know from the Westerns where they gambled. Only later did the casino emerge as a permanent place where people could start gambling legally. It’s just ingrained in human nature to find gambling fun and exciting. Yet gambling throughout history has also been banned for moments and there have always been rogue people who defraud innocent gamblers.

In Belgium, the establishment of the Belgian Gaming Commission in 1997 created a body that could control gambling in Belgium. They also issue permits and the number of permits that can be issued is fixed by law, which is nine. These are fairly distributed across Belgium: four in Flanders, four in Wallonia and one in Brussels. The number of arcades is fixed at 180. In addition, the Belgian Gaming Commission ensures continuous supervision of everything that has to do with games of chance. This way you as a player can gamble with confidence. If license holders do not comply with the strict laws and requirements that the Belgian gambling law prescribes, they can be sanctioned by a fine, imprisonment or loss of their license.

Online Gambling

With the arrival of the internet around 1995, it was not long before the first online casinos were established. The incredible benefits of an online casino were immediately apparent. People no longer had to move and could play from home. Online casinos are also open day and night and seven days a week, so you can always gamble online. You can also play anonymously in an online casino without having to take into account dress codes or a smoking ban. In addition, there are several bonuses that the online casinos give out and one can also play for free if one wants to study and study the games first. So only advantages for online gambling.

Legal Gambling 1955

It is important that if you play in a casino that you gamble in a legal casino. Legal gambling is important not only to protect your money and personal data, but also because you are otherwise punishable by Belgian law. So it is not only the illegal online casino that can be prosecuted, but also you as a player. You will therefore benefit from checking the license number of a casino on the website of the Belgian Gaming Commission in order to be able to gamble legally with confidence. If you can no longer see the forest through the trees in the wide range of online casinos, we make it easy for you by giving a brief overview of two Belgian fully legal online casinos, the Unibet and the Golden Palace. There you can start gambling legally without thinking or worrying.

Casino Belgium Bonus Card

Betting Belgium

Betting is a very old pastime of man. They gamble on anything and everything. In the past, in order to gamble at a sports event or something similar, one had to go to a bookmaker who recorded your bet and received your money and gave you proof of this. Nowadays you can also bet online with an online bookmaker. It just couldn’t be easier. And what’s even more exciting is live betting.

So you can place bets while a match or sports event is already in progress. This way, it is often better to estimate who the winner will be. When betting, it is always important to have as much information as possible in order to properly estimate who the winner could be. So one prepares quite well before betting.

Casino Belgium Bonus Game

Poker Belgium

Poker is a very well known and exciting card game. There is a lot of thinking and psychology involved. The game has many techniques and strategies and casinos often provide a good explanation and a lot of tips about the poker game that can greatly increase the chances of winning. Make extensive use of this because that information can make the difference between profit and loss.

Casino Belgium Bonus Rules

There are also many different types of poker, so always read the manual carefully before playing poker to avoid any unpleasant surprises. Poker is played against the opponents and whoever has the best hand wins the betting pot. But bluffing is an important part of poker. Those who have mastered this technique can even help with a very weak hand