Dam Beavers Slot Machine


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I have played Builder Beaver a lot over the past few days as I liked the bonus rounds, so let me give you an honest opinion about this Microgaming slot. The things I enjoyed the most are the two free spins games, especially the Sign Feature where Scatters act as Wilds. This is a cartoonish slot game with relatively poor graphics despite the game being released in 2012. Builder Beaver is popular even today as the game is simple to play and offers a classic slot experience, yet the bonus features are more fun to play than usual, and the theme is also nice.

Dam Beavers Slot Machine by My Casino Life. Christopher Bishop. Add to dashboard. 3D Beaver Slots - Free. Signal to Noise Apps. Add to dashboard. Damn Beavers Slot Machine Saga. My Casino Life, LLC. Add to dashboard. Dam Beavers Holiday Special. Michael Scott Productions. Add to dashboard. Beaver's Bayou Dam Jam. In Dam Beavers, you take on the role of Quax, an angry duck intent on bursting dams built by beavers that are drying up your pond.To destroy dams, you must select letters found on the ends of logs to construct words. The longer and more interesting they are, the more damage they'll do to the dam.

Main game and paytable

This high-quality 3D slot game is based on the furry, fat, and buck-toothed beavers that are on a mission. The gameplay is hilarious to say the least. Beaver Bonus free spin with a decent payout.

There are ten normal symbols in the paytable and all have artwork, leading to a very colorful board with a lot of different stuff. You’ll see the Builder Beaver who is a Wild, his wife and friends, his home, and the six items he needs when he is building the dam. These six represent the low-value group and don’t pay well compared to the top four symbols which pay prizes between 2000 and 5000 coins for five-of-a-kind respectively. The unbalanced paytable with some powerful symbols can lead to some big wins, so players who enjoy higher variance will feel at home here. In addition to this ten symbols plus a Wild, there are also two Scatters, for a total of 13 symbols, which is plenty. The game has 25 paylines on a 5×3 board.

Why Do Beavers Dam Rivers

Dam Beavers Slot Machine

Theoretical return to player (RTP) for this slot isn’t known but is believed to be somewhere around 95%, so the slot game doesn’t pay exceptionally well but isn’t robbing you of your money either. Despite the high-win symbols variance is medium, as the game pays often and well enough for most players’ tastes. There’s no incredibly big cash prize to look forward to, other than the progressive jackpot, of course.

Bonus features

The game has two different bonus features, and each has its own Scatter that triggers it. Beaver Sign Scatter triggers the Sign Feature, and you’ll get 10 free spins with all prizes doubled if you land three or more Scatters, and during the feature each Beaver Sign Scatter will act like a Wild. The feature can be re-triggered.

There’s another free spins game, and if you land three or more Beaver Wild Scatters you’ll be awarded with 12 free spins with all prizes tripled. The Beaver Wild Scatter won’t appear during this feature, which leaves just a bit more room for paying symbols. This feature can’t be re-triggered and overall I felt the first one, Sign Feature with 10 free spins, pays and plays better.

In addition to these two bonus games, there are also two jackpots, Minor Jackpot and Major Jackpot that are progressive jackpots that 1.5% of RTP contributes to. Most importantly, the jackpots can be won on any bet size so it there’s no need to play maximum bet, and they are awarded randomly, too. This means it’s best to play Builder Beaver with a minimum bet per spin in order to get as many spins – and chances to win the jackpot – as possible. The value of both jackpots is displayed above your reels.


Beaver Dam Eye Study

Beaver Builder is a fun modern slot that will be enjoyed by classic slot fans as that’s how the game plays. But that’s only until one of two bonus features is triggered, and these can be quite rewarding and are also fun to play because of the different things that happen on your reels compared to the main game. This is a fun Microgaming slot machine and it deserves a few spins, if for nothing else then to see what the current Major Jackpot value is.