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Skrill and Neteller are two of the most popular e-wallets. Users should make sure that they are getting as much as they can out of these memberships. One critically over-looked area is in the loyalty point schemes of both.

How to Sign Up to the Loyalty Schemes of Both

Signing up for the loyalty schemes of both Neteller and Skrill could not be easier. Both are opt-in programs, but they are free for users to register for. You simply need to make an account for either e-wallet first.

With Neteller, this can be found under the Rewards section in the left-hand menu of your Neteller account page. For Skrill, you need to head to the Knect section to sign up.

Don’t Forget to Opt-In

Both of these loyalty schemes are opt-in. Transactions only generate loyalty points once you are signed up for these programs. No matter how much you may have traded before-hand, you will not be able to generate points with past transactions. Make sure you do not shoot yourself in the foot before you even start, and make sure that your registration for the Loyalty Scheme has gone through.

Do Look at How You Earn Points

Not every transaction for Skrill and Neteller will earn you the points you need. Just as how you don’t want to think you are generating points when you are not, you also don’t want to be focusing on an area that does not maximise your output.

Earn Neteller Money Adder

For example, Neteller won’t grant loyalty points for transfers that are made to and from other members. Therefore, you can’t build up points by moving funds back and forth with a friend. Skrill, on the other hand, uses a tiered system that awards different points for varying actions. For example, a deposit or withdrawal to Skrill will give you one loyalty point per euro. However, transfers to most merchants will give you 0.25 points per euro.

It is incredibly important that you know the right ratios so you can be certain that you are maximising your gain through your transactions.

Minnesota gaming control board. Don’t Forget to Look at the Reward Stores

Both Neteller and Skrill loyalty points can be spent in their respective Reward Stores. These stores differ depending on where you are located. Therefore, if you see a great deal for something in the store online, it is important that you check your own store to make sure it is actually there.

Earn Neteller Money Transfer

You are spending a lot of time and effort to accrue the points for these stores, so you need to make sure that your points are for worthwhile rewards.

Do Collect the Boost from Wise Punters

Here at Wise Punters, we look for some of the best deals for e-wallets and more around the web. We are big fans of both Skrill and Neteller and we are able to offer a boost for their respective VIP schemes. This will help players gain lower commission rates on their transactions, and therefore more in their transaction to be boosted into loyalty points.

When trying to get as much as you can from a Loyalty Scheme, it is important that you seek out as much information as you can, and tips and tricks such as these may be key in getting you the most out of your Loyalty Points schemes with these companies.


If you have chosen to sign-up to an e-wallet’s Loyalty Scheme like that offered by Neteller or Skrill, there are several things you can do to ensure that you are maximising your return of points here. Firstly, make sure that you are definitely signed up for the scheme, and then look at some of the ways you can be sure you are getting the most for your transactions.

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