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  • Released 2004, Q2
    90g, 24.1mm thickness
    Feature phone
    1MB storage, no card slot
  • N/A212,400 hits
  • 128x160 pixels, 7 lines
  • 0.3MP
  • 950mAh

  • oday matar
  • na6

Magic pot games to play. i have one hes a very good cellphone and usefull(very good for daily use)

  • Rating0
  • Anonymous
  • TCt

lovely phone.it has voice recorder and a good color display. the price is also good.


  • Rating0
  • rap0y
  • UD}

i miz my LG alot!! it takes 4months to break it!! damn!! but i miz it!!

  • Rating0
  • angry dude : (
  • AeD

the phone sux , its too slow , infrared has to be installed manually and the instructions dont explain how to install infrared in detail, it has bad coverage , whnever i turn it off it changes settings and ucant change the ringtones apart from the ones on the installation disk.

  • Rating0
  • Anonymous
  • U2}

i hate this phone..the infered doesn't even work and the memory is rubbish..

  • Rating0
  • Ami
  • n1n

i LOVED it.i had it for a year and hen i dropped it and it got run over by my dads car.
i miss you so so much mowby..


  • Rating0
  • mandla
  • Nxs

Its a beautifulphone otuside, inside its ridiculous.I regret why i got it form the 1st place. To access your downloaded items, U need to pay R1000000 for that. so its ont for me Thank you.

  • Rating0
  • mandla
  • Nxs

this is a beautifull phone outside, inside is rubbish. i will not advice people 2 buy it. internet access its incredible dificult.
try to download product- but unsing the downloaded products its tough. its useless. ps love

  • Rating0
  • Sesugh Iangba
  • N7C

Its a marvelous gadget.Too cute for men

  • Rating0
  • Bullseye
  • SbI

Old and battered, just like me, but I love this phone. Buttons big enough to see and use. But where do I get a new battery for it?

  • Rating0
  • ffdgd
  • RNK

How do you connect the phone to the computer so you can transfer pictures. As I am not incredibly bright..please include anything that i may mess up..

  • Rating0
  • Eza
  • wgx

i love my LG L1100. it has a brilliant camera and the screen resoloution is wonderful. i have one question that is how do you get half decent ring tones for example a song u love how do u get tht on it?
the battery life is short but i charge it eevery night when im asleep and the only other problem is it wont read my laptop when you try to connect it via infared. how can i fix this?

  • Rating0
  • Caleb Zadok
  • SsB

I use LG1100 and I discover that its very good, I have enjoyed working with it, it is reliable also, I think it is one of the best cause I have used other Phones also but this one is different. Only that I find it difficult to connect to internet with it and I need help on that. Thanks LG

  • Rating0
  • Cy.an
  • wgS

All you need to link the LG L1100 with a computer is a Data Cable. This should be included with your standard phone pack. Install that, along with your LG Contents Bank CD-ROM, then you're set!
From there you can download your own wallpapers, ringtones, games and the like-- all for free! Trust me ;)

  • Rating0
  • Anthony
  • kaJ

I need the internet settings for my LG1150 my chip is provision already but i need the settings the company im working with says they dont carry that phone so they dont have the settings.

Upper Abdominal Discomfort And Pressure

  • Rating0
  • Anonymous
  • U2{

everyone thats wondering; i know how to get the photos attatched to the phonebook contacts! u must take a photo on the smallest sized photo(48x80) and they will automically be saved into phonebook pictures and then u can put their pics onto their names!! quite simple really.

  • Rating0
  • Eunice
  • nr3


Like the design! Still.. the phone doesn't uplink with computer, neither via IR nor cable. the phone transfers quite a lot of my calls to my voicemail, the battery doesn't last for more than 2days, 3 if I don't use it.
I hope LG improves this for new phones, because the phone wasn't cheap when I bought it and I think it's in everybody's interest if these 'problems' are straightened up for LG's next phones. BUT as mentioned; I really like the design!


  • Rating0
  • Anonymous
  • PNI

can't seem to get infra red to work or get photo onto the phonebook either

  • Rating0
  • nimi
  • mtw

nice phone looks good but can't seem to operate the infrared, GPRS and how to fix photos in the phone book. maybe they should not have placed them there if they know that those features won't function

  • Rating0
  • Yinka
  • N75

The phone is good but the infrared is just not working please could you do something about that?


  • Rating0

Total of 127 user reviews and opinions for LG L1100.