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The prize tables in keno can look a bit complicated. Here’s our quick tips on what to look out for in keno pay schedules.

Each casino has its own system of payouts, which you will find set out in the Keno brochures or payout schedules around the casino or, if you’re playing Video keno you’ll find a payout table on each machine. An example is shown below.

  • Play Keno Bonus to win more. Keno Bonus gives you the chance to multiply your regular Keno Classic prize by x2, x3, x4, x5 or x10! The cost of each game will double when you nominate to play Keno Bonus. Keno Bonus is only available on Keno Classic games 9 Playing on Jackpot games The Keno Bonus multiplier does not apply directly to Keno Jackpots.
  • Bonus Ball Keno. Double your payout by playing 3 to 6 spots! To win the bonus amount, every chosen number must be drawn plus the last ball out must be part of the winning combination. If the last ball out is not part of your winning combination, you win the regular payout amount. Mark a “B” on your ticket to play Bonus Ball Keno.

BULLS-EYE, the new KENO! Add-on game, offers larger prizes and more chances to win! At the end of each KENO! Drawing, one of the 20 winning numbers drawn is randomly selected as the BULLS-EYE number. If you purchase the BULLS-EYE option and match the BULLS-EYE number, you win bigger prizes (see the Odds & Prizes tab). The odds of any specific ball being drawn are always 1 in 80, as keno has 80 numbers in total. Keno odds and payouts range massively depending on how many numbers you pick. When looking at.

The term ‘spot’ refers to how many numbers you have marked on your ticket. The term ‘catch’ refers to how many of your chosen numbers match what the house draws.

The table shows what you will win for a 1 coin stake. You need to multiply these amounts by the amount you are wagering. So in the example below, if you make a $2 bet, pick 4 spots and catch 3 of them you will win $12 (that is, $2 x 6).

This schedule does not pay out if you don’t match any numbers. But in some cases if you mark a lot of numbers the casino pays off if you catch 0.

Keno Payouts Charts

Note that in Keno you do not get your stake back if you win.

What Are Keno Payouts

Another Example of a Keno Paytable

This is the payout schedule for online casinos running on Microgaming software. If you like the look of it, here’s where to find Microgaming casinos.

In a live casino keno game, where lots of players are gambling on the same draw, the most the house can pay out for any one draw is generally $50,000. If there are too many winners they will each get a proportionate share of this sum.

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On May 28, 2018, BCLC implemented a change to the maximum same day payout for Keno from $1,000 to $2,000.


With this change, Lottery Retailers have been provided the option to pay any Keno ticket winnings up to $2,000 within 24 hours of the Keno win. Keno wins between $1,000 and $2,000 will be deposited into the winner’s account on the same day.

This change supports an enhanced winning experience for Keno players while providing convenience when claiming their prize winnings.

Keno Odds And Payouts


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What is the mandatory prize payout amount lottery retailers have to pay winners?
BCLC retailers must pay players for all prizes of $200 or less.
If a ticket is validated and a retailer does not pay the prize between $200.01 - $2,000, can the
player validate the same ticket at another location for prize payment?

Yes, if the retailer chooses “NO – CAN’T PAY” the player can validate the same ticket at another
location for prize payment.
What happens if a retailer attempts to validate prizes of $2,000.01 and over?
BCLC retailers are not given the option to pay prizes of $2,000.01 or over. Players are encouraged to contact Customer Support center at 1-866-815-0222 for the nearest BCLC RPP location or BCLC Office to claim their prize.
Why has BCLC decided to increase the optional prize payout amount for Keno to $2,000?
BCLC has increased the optional same day prize payout amount on Keno to $2,000 to align with the process for other lottery products and to allow retailers to offer a higher prize payout to enhance player convenience.