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Truly made in the USA, and you can feel the local touch from start to finish. With their DesignPro plugin for Solidworks, you can design a frame in minutes; it’s easy to use, intuitive, and you get a price right on the spot. Their catalog is easy to navigate, even T-slot beginners can build complicated structures. Slots were once divided into three-reel games, which mimicked the old mechanical machines, and video slots with five reels. These days, this distinction only scratches the surface of the differences. Three-reel (or “traditional”) slots now include multiple win-lines, wild and scatter symbols and bonus games such as wheel spins or picks bonuses.

i SLOT is an exclusive platform designed specifically for gaming software localisation, saving our clients time and money on the authoring, translation and management of content. We’ve developed the system to give our clients the centralised ability to manage and translate UI strings for gaming content, no matter how intricate, via one powerful, yet user-friendly, platform.

i SLOT, an advanced component of i plus®, our cutting-edge translation management system (TMS), lets you create UI and Help content in a secure database. You can associate strings with unique IDs, images and customisable metadata – for example, to organise content by string usage (buttons, warnings, rules text, etc.); versioning information is automatically captured; and you can impose string-length limitations where needed.

With powerful user-permissions management, you have the ability to associate each string with more than one game, saving time and money: if you need to change one string across dozens of games, you can change it once, and only use the time and money needed to update its translations once. Users of i SLOT also have complete control to search for a particular string or phrase across all your games – even if they have been developed for different platforms.

Content can be published on demand, or on an automatic schedule, or retrieved via an API, in every language, to a variety of common formats (including .resx, .properties, .strings, .xml and .json) as well as to custom formats if required.

All this means that i SLOT frees up your developers to focus on the development process, without the need to constantly send strings back and forth for translation. This speeds up time-to-market, and helps you respond quickly to any regulatory updates, which require changes to how your gaming texts are written.

I Slot
  • Easily create and manage multilingual gaming content
  • Customise i SLOT to the needs of your developers, technical writers and end-users
  • Enjoy seamless interaction with the rest of the i plus TMS
  • Sync content with standard and customised file formats via a web interface or via the powerful API

“I need to commend you on your organisation, top notch and I’ll be sure to use your services again and recommend them.”

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'Jackpot Translation are always a pleasure to deal with. They're happy for last minute adjustments to be made to orders and orders are always turned around quickly, sometimes in as little as one working day for urgent requests.'

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'Jackpot Translation have been the backbone of my professional success with their quick and accurate translation of regulatory documentation. No document or language is too difficult for them to translate.'

Pramodh Munbodh,
Regulatory Compliance Manager, Aristocrat

'The speed at which work is completed is very impressive, whether the work entails a few small edits to existing translations, or the full translation of an app in 20 languages. Often we’re under tight delivery deadlines, and having the confidence in translate plus to deliver results quickly makes language translation issues one less thing for us to worry about when we’re scrambling to meet our deadline.”

I Slots

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Lets get one thing straight right away – this section won't be about the best internet slots and I-Slots isn't an abbreviation used for that. Instead, this term is used when referring to special slot games that are developed by company known as Rival. These are special and extraordinary for a number of reasons – they are based on a storyline and every one of them will bring you through it, given that you play for long enough. That's correct, it's like playing a video game where you progress through various levels to unlock additional features. Rival, which is a well known gambling development company, have brought that same aspect into online slots and it seems to have taken off already.

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Before we get into listing the best I-Slots, there's actually a little bit more about these. Most importantly, players now have a chance to download these to their iPhones and play from that device. Exciting storylines, massive payouts and all of that directly on the game, anywhere in the world with only an internet connection required.