Klay Game 6 Vs Okc


In Game 6 vs HOU, with elimination looming and down 17 points, GSW was desperate for good defense and smart offense. Klay Thompson answered the call. Watch how GSW attacked HOU’s switching defense. That's it from me. I know I didn't upload these years highlights as I used to do. I did not have that much time. I want to thank all of you for watching me videos over the past 4-5. Oklahoma City falters late as Warriors catch fire to force the deciding game seven at Oracle. Analyze casino. NBA Finals 2016: Will it be Cleveland Cavaliers vs Golden State Warriors again? Or will it be Cavs vs OKC Thunder? Let's all watch OKC vs GSW Game 7 to find that out!

  1. Klay Thompson Game 6 Against Okc
  2. Game 6 Yankees
  3. Game 6 Nba Finals
  4. Game 6 Mlb
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CRAZY Game, Steph Tied NBA Record for most threes in a game with 12, also Broke his own NBA record, 287 threes in a single season.
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Видео THE GAME Steph Curry BECAME a LEGEND 2016.02.27 at Thunder - 46 Pts, 12 3's, CLUTCH! канала FreeDawkins

Klay Thompson Game 6 Against Okc


Game 6 Yankees


Game 6 Nba Finals

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Game 6 Mlb

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