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To find MoneyGram agents will help you easily recognizable logo, as well as our website which will help you find the nearest location to send and receive money via MoneyGram. As part of the 2008 Recapitalization, our wholly owned subsidiary, MoneyGram Payment Systems Worldwide, Inc., issued Goldman Sachs $500.0 million of senior secured second lien notes with a 10-year maturity. Withdrawal of Webmoney via MoneyGram allows to get cash within a day. No need to wait a long time to obtain funds, and then also to stand in queues. Everything happens very quickly. MoneyGram agents are located - in post offices, bank offices, supermarkets, and even travel agencies. Wired money transfer system MoneyGram is no longer new to us. According to statistics, every 4th person knows about it, or at least heard. Commission income on remittances and other revenues of MoneyGram in the 2nd quarter 2012 increased by 10% compared to the same period last year and 13% in the base currency. The easiest way to send money via MoneyGram - is to use our website and find the nearest MoneyGram agent location. After the correction of tariffs, volumes of MoneyGram transfers increased by 30%. How to obtain the money? You go to any branch or affiliate partner of MoneyGram, show your identity document, fill in the letterhead, which specify a the transfer code and get the money.

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Cahul Moldova Map

Moneygram Cahul Moldova

Moneygram Cahul Moldova 2020

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