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Online Casino Israel Complete list of licenced casino sites in Israel Enjoy the best Israel casinos online. Israel Online Casinos The gambling business in Israel entirely monopolized by the state. Two state-owned companies are operating in the market — Toto, and ISBB (Israel Sports Betting Board), providing. Israel casinos and gambling guide contains information like: A Israel casino list, poker tournaments, slots info, pari-mutuel (greyhounds & horses), Texas Hold'em, and more. Find casino contact information and view pictures of every casino in Israel. Online Casinos in Israel - February 2021 Displaying online casino sites that accept players from Israel. To change country go to Country selector or to see all sites in our database visit Online Casino Directory. Types of Online Casino in Israel. Despite the passion of local people for gambling, the government of Israel uses different methods to prevent the development of virtual and land-based gambling. By the way, officials strictly control the virtual casinos of Israel.

Due to improving internet infrastructure and an upsurge in smartphone adoption, online gambling has become a booming sector. According to a Global Market Insight study, this market will likely exceed a valuation of $160 billion by 2026. The study says that the easy accessibility of gaming platforms and their incorporation of mobile-friendly technologies will propel the sphere forward.
Since the industry’s inception in the mid-1990s, many Israeli entrepreneurs have made investments in this sector, founding massive iGaming brands such as Playtech and 888 Holdings. Furthermore, names such as Britain’s William Hill used to have offices in Tel Aviv. Thus, no one can deny Israel’s influence on the industry. Even though the country has no framework that regulates playing games of chance on the internet, that doesn’t mean that the hobby is off-limits to its residents. Below we provide all the info necessary for those that wish to play online casinos from Israel.

Online Casinos that Accept Israelis
The number of gaming platforms that accept players from Israel is plentiful. All interested parties have to visit a quality iGaming info hub and look through a list of top-rated online casinos. When they click a review, the site should immediately tell them, according to their point of access (IP address), if they can play at the platform whose review they are reading. Quality casinos with no restrictions for Israeli players include
• Black Diamond Casino
• Magic Red Casino
• Spin Palace Casino
How to Withdraw Money from Israel
Financial transactions at gambling sites can make or break an internet gaming experience. Before playing, every player should study the payment options available at the platform they are considering, the processing times, and the required fees. The casino may allow you to deposit funds via one method, but if you do, it may restrict you to withdraw them through the same option due to a closed-loop policy, an anti-money laundering measure.
Naturally, using a cryptocurrency is the best choice for anyone that’s tech-savvy. When utilizing an option such as Bitcoin, players can enjoy total anonymity and not face restrictions set by either government or financial institutions. They can also enjoy transfer speeds that are incomparably faster than most other methods.
E-wallets are a trend today, and they enjoy wide-spread use around the globe. However, popular options such as Skrill may restrict Israelis to perform money transfers to and from gaming sites. Online casinos that allow the use of PayPal are rarer, but it may be wiser to use that e-wallet than the mentioned two.
Pre-paid cards are another option. They should provide smooth deposits, and players can make withdrawals using their online service account, from where they can make other internet payments. They may also be able to withdraw funds at an ATM via the service’s debit card.

Language Support
Most sites today feature interfaces that are available in multiple languages. We live in a digital world where players come from all corners. Of course, English is the default setting at most platforms, but often many will feature support for up to a dozen other languages. Know that if a site states that it has support in a specific tongue, that does not mean that all of the content on it will immediately translate to that language. Frequently this support concerns only aspects such as navigation features and promo pages. Since providers supply the games and not the casino, those will stay in English. The site’s terms and conditions, privacy policy, and other content are also unlikely to change, though it depends on each specific platform.
There are some online casinos out there that have support for Hebrew and Arabic. However, because of the low demand from those markets, their number is small. You are more likely to find platforms that provide an interface and customer support in Russian and French, which a good portion of Israelis also speak.

Favorite Gambling Games by Israelis
Slots have been the sector’s cash cows since its genesis. It is so for both digital and land-based establishments. Because of the zero-skill required and the simple gameplay, this genre’s titles favor newcomers, including Israeli newbies.
However, because there are no land casinos, a workaround that allowed players from the country to enjoy a dose of gambling magic were so-called casino boats. In the past, these ships would set sail from Eilat’s ports into international waters, letting those aboard play games of chance freely. There is also a casino project in the air that could be located in Eilat. Naturally, they focused on providing table games such as blackjack, baccarat, and roulette. Veterans gravitate towards table action because these games feature house edges that are lower than slots, and decision making plays a factor.
Evolution Gaming is the industry leader when it comes to live-dealer titles. They offer tables that feature all the classic games and proprietary variations that have elevated them into the 21st century. You can find Evolution’s offering at pretty much any platform that has a live section.

Gambling is tightly regulated in Israel and mostly falls under the control of the government. Traditional land-based casinos are prohibited but cruise ships are able to host gambling at certain times each day. The government hosts a national lottery which consists of a few games while another government entity offers a limited form of sports betting.

Israeli betting sites are officially outlawed as well. No gambling websites may operate from within Israel and offer their services to citizens. Of course, there are plenty of betting websites located in other countries that are happy to take Israelis despite the government’s anti-gambling stance. Some sites even offer their services in Hebrew.

Best Israeli Betting Sites

Betting Site

This is a list of offshore gaming sites that still accept customers from Israel. The Israeli government may contend that these sites are breaking the law, but the response from sites such as these is that they are operating in full compliance of the laws where they are headquartered.

The majority of online casinos offer no support of Hebrew or the new shekel, but neither of these issues should post a major problem. Almost every site supports English and they can all perform currency exchanges to change your shekel deposit into US dollars or Euros. The hardest part you’ll have is finding a working deposit method since the government takes steps to restrict financial transactions to known gambling sites.

Your best bet in getting started is to just visit one of the sites from above and sign up for an account. If they accept Israelis, they will have everything in place that you need to get started. This will include instructions for making a deposit and the ability to convert shekels into some other currency.

Igt slots miss red. Internet Censorship

The Israeli government ordered internet service providers to block access to certain betting websites in 2005. If you try to visit an offshore Israeli online casino and are unable to access it, you can thank your government for knowing better than you what you should view.

Sports Betting in Israel

The only form of sports betting legal in Israel is what is authorized by the Israel Sports Betting Board. The Winner brand is the largest legal operation in the nation and offers regular sports wagers on a variety of sporting events.

Winner also operates an online sportsbook that accepts real-money wagers on the most popular sports. The selection is somewhat limited and the odds aren’t always the best, but many seem to like Winner nonetheless due to its support of the Hebrew language and simple deposit methods. Proceeds from Winner are devoted to charitable causes with an emphasis on sports.


Israeli Gaming Laws Explained

Israel does not have gambling-specific legislation like most other countries. The entire basis for the ban on most forms of gambling can be found in Israeli Penal Law 5737 – 1977 (see page 73 here). The law doesn’t just ban the organization of gambling, it also prohibits the act of participating. Anyone caught playing in a prohibited game may be imprisoned for up to a year.

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There are only three forms of gambling that may take place in Israel:

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  • Gambling on authorized cruise ships
  • Participation in the state lottery
  • State-sponsored sports betting

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There was considerable confusion on the status of online gambling up until 2005. The laws on the books didn’t specifically mention the internet but they could also be interpreted to include online betting. In 2005, the Attorney General made it clear when he issued a ruling that all Israel gambling sites were illegal and ordered them to cease operations. The Attorney General also ordered banking institutions to stop processing financial transactions to and from online betting sites.

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Later, the government began an internet censorship program to block access to betting websites. These filters have been largely unsuccessful and Israelis report that the blocks are easy to defeat.