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Imagine playing online poker and having a personal coach guiding you all along. The world’s third-largest online poker site partypoker is bringing this unique experience to its players via the new “MyGame Whiz” which is now available at its poker client.
MyGame Whiz eliminates the need for players to use third-party software to analyze their play. It acts as both a reporting and training tool, allowing players to review their performance in real time, fix major leaks in their play and expand their poker skills, thereby helping them to level up their skills and become better players.
More importantly, partypoker’s newest tool performs its job using the Game Theory Optimal (GTO) concept, a strategy currently being used by some of the world’s most successful poker pros. Let’s take a look at the tool’s main features and how they work.
Real-Time Feed
As a personal poker coach, MyGame Whiz provides players with instant feedback on their most recently-played hands. As you play, the tool records your hands in a pop-up window which you can access with just a few clicks. You can then analyze your performance even just after 100 hands. You may also share it with your friends or fellow players on partypoker or on social media.
Report Card
One of MyGame’s key features is the Report Card, which is instantly generated after at least 100 hands. The Report Card helps you identify your strong and weak spots, complete with relevant statistics, including your aggression rate, VPIP (voluntarily put money in pot frequency), and PFR% (preflop raise frequency). These are the same stats available in paid third-party tools. With MyGame, you’re enjoying similar features for free!
The Report Card also comes with missions and challenges all aimed at enhancing your strategy and developing new skills. You can even choose to focus on certain areas of your play by using the tool’s built-in filters.
The Report Card evaluates your play using a percentage system that computes your scores in key categories including stealing and blind defense, post-flop aggression, showdowns, and 3 & 4 betting. Your skill level is then ranked as Rookie, Social, Intermediate, Solid, Advanced, Pro, or Elite Pro.
Downloadable Hands
You are also allowed to download hands for the past 40 days which you can use to review and analyze your play. But take note that these are for post-play analysis only. Players on partypoker are currently not allowed to use third-party apps such as HUDs and RTA.
Training Courses
MyGame Whiz also includes a Courses tab where players canenjoyfree training. The lessons cover the most basic and essential concepts of the game, which are especially beneficial for the beginners, as they will be able to strengthen their foundation as they seek to improve their skills.
Whiz Chat
partypoker has also added an interactive element to MyGame through the Whiz Chat feature where you can get answers to your questions, as well as feedbacks, tips and advice in real time. All you have to do is to click on the Chat tab and interact with the Whiz bot. Play more hands and get better analysis and advice!
How to Enable MyGame Whiz
Putting MyGame Whiz to work is pretty easy, but first, you need to have a partypoker account. If you already have one, all you need to do is to log in, and once you’re there, just click on the MyGame icon which is located in the top-right corner of the screen (MyGame is only available for desktop users at this time, no mobile support yet).
Another way to enable MyGame is by heading to the “Settings” in the lobby. Under Settings, select “Table Options”, and then click “Auto-launch MyGame Whiz when seated”.
Once completed, you will now be able to enjoy partypoker’s revolutionary MyGame Whiz tool! Whether you’re into cash games, tournaments, or SPINS, you’re in for an exciting learning journey ahead.


Play 7777 Bg

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