Preakness Stakes 2017 Payouts


The outcome of the 2017 Preakness wasn’t quite as surprising as the 2017 Kentucky Derby, but there was an upset nonetheless. Just as Classic Empire looked to have the second leg of the Triple Crown sown up, Cloud Computing — a horse that didn’t race earlier this month — stormed from behind to win the race at the last moment.

That late surge helped boat the odds of the race’s Superfecta outcome, a bet that requires bettors to correctly pick the first, second, third and fourth placed finishers, in order. At the Kentucky Derby, a $1 bet netted over $75,000; the Preakness Superfecta wasn’t quite that much, but it still would’ve turned $1 into more than $8,000.

Preakness Stakes 2017 Payouts Results

May 20, 2017 at 7:22 pm ET 1 min read Cloud Computing is the 2017 Preakness Stakes winner. The horse that didn't run in the Kentucky Derby was fresh for Saturday's race in Baltimore, Maryland. History of Preakness Stakes Odds & Payouts. Win, place, and show payout history is available from 1957 for the Preakness Stakes. Exacta, Trifecta, and Superfecta odds are also listed if they were available for those races. Below you will find the final odds and payoff results for each winning ticket.

The Preakness Stakes is nestled in between the Kentucky Derby and the Belmont Stakes. It forms the middle race in America’s world-famous Triple Crown series. It’s one of the most popular horse races in America as a result, routinely drawing crowds of well over 100,000 people. This is only narrowly eclipsed by the Kentucky Derby, perhaps the only race that has more recognition.

The Preakness Stakes has played host to some of the most exciting horse races since its inception in 1871. “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans,” as it is known, never fails to disappoint fans. (The race’s designation as “The Run for the Black-Eyed Susans” comes from the state’s official flower, as well as serving as a nod to the Kentucky Derby’s designation as “The Run for the Roses.”) If you are even moderately interested in horse racing, the Preakness is a must-see.

Like the other Triple Crown races, the Preakness Stakes is steeped in its own traditions and customs. Since it is held in Baltimore, Maryland, each race is preceded by a singing of the state’s official song, “Maryland, My Maryland.” And, whenever a horse wins a race, the Old Clubhouse has the colors of the winning team’s banner added to it, serving as an immortalization of their victory.

The Preakness Stakes is the race that fuels interest in the possibility that a Triple Crown winner could occur that year. If the winner of the Preakness Stakes also won the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes will become REALLY exciting—only then will that horse have an actual shot at winning the coveted Triple Crown. Laying the foundation for what’s to come, if you have your eye on the Triple Crown, don’t ignore the Preakness Stakes!

Preakness Stakes results 2019


As you might already know, the 144th Preakness Stakes was won by none other than War of Will at the Pimlico Race Course. While there was a bit of controversy surrounding his finishing time, these concerns were quickly put to rest. War of Will represents the first win in this race for jockey Mark Casse, with it being yet another accolade to add to his ever-growing trophy cabinet.

Notably, War of Will was not eligible to win the Triple Crown. This is due to the fact that the winner of the Kentucky Derby, Country Horse, decided not to participate in the race. In that race, War of Will was bumped from eighth to seventh place after the horse ahead of him was disqualified. It’s safe to say that all this moving and shaking stopped any potential Triple Crown winner, which was certainly disappointing.

As War of Will’s win shows, the Preakness Stakes guarantees players plenty of action and sometimes even a dash of controversy. Bf games online download. Thankfully, it’s unlikely that you’ll ever see as much controversy at the Preakness Stakes as we did at the Kentucky Derby this year, but that’s a story for another day. Overall, War of Will was a deserving winner and it was a shame that the Triple Crown title was just out of reach for this fine horse.

Finish PositionHorseJockeyMorning Line OddsFinal OddsWinnings
1stWar of WillTyler Gaffalione4-16.1$990,000
2ndEverfastJoel Rosario50-129.3$330,000
3rdOwendaleFlorent Geroux10-17.9$181,500
4thWarrior’s ChargeJavier Castellano12-112.6$99,000
5thLaughing FoxRicardo Santana Jr.20-121.6$49,500
6thImprobableMike E. Smith5-22.5
7thWin Win WinJulian Pimentel15-113.8
8thBourbon WarIrad Ortiz Jr.12-15.6
9thSignalmanBrian Hernandez Jr.30-120.7
10thAnothertwistafateJose Ortiz6-114.5
11thAlwaysminingDaniel Centeno8-16.6
12thMarket KingJon Court30-131.9
DNFBodexpressJohn R. Velazquez20-120.1

Preakness Stakes payouts

Before you watch a race that’s of the caliber of the Preakness Stakes, you don’t want to forget to place your bets. The Preakness Stakes operates like any other horse race—your payout will depend on the odds of the horse and the size of your bet. If you’re unfamiliar or uncomfortable with how the whole process works, we’ve got your back. We’ve done the majority of the legwork for you, and using the most recent results, we’re looking at the potential payouts that could be on the table during the Preakness Stakes 2020.

All you have to do is look at our handy chart and place your bets. We suggest picking the one with the best odds—or the one your gut tells you to go with. In any case, this table should help you get the most bang for your buck at the bookies.

1War of Will$14.20$7.40$5.40

Preakness Stakes winners

Preakness Stakes 2017 Horses

The very first Preakness Stakes did not disappoint. In 1873, the horse Survivor managed to win by a staggering 10-length margin, a record that remained unsurpassed for an astounding 131 years. It wasn’t until 2004 that the horse Smarty Jones beat that by an 11.5-length margin. Such victories are as rare as they are extraordinary; 2019’s victor, War of Will, only managed a margin of victory of 1.25 lengths over the runner-up, which speaks volumes about the impressive nature of Smarty Jones and Survivor’s victories.

Veterans of horse racing will undoubtedly remember the spectacular run Secretariat had way back in 1973. The Triple Crown winner set an all-time record of 1:53 at the Preakness Stakes, a record that has never been topped. Notably, this time was only certified in 2012 following controversy over the integrity of the timers used. Following a period of recalibration and back calculation, the official time was established. As for the most accomplished jockey, that honor belongs to Eddie Arcaro, who managed to snag a grand total of six wins during the 1940s and 1950s.

Stakes Races 2017

The table below contains the names and finish times of other notable winners over the nearly 150-year history of the Preakness Stakes.

2019War of WillTyler Gaffalione1:54.34
2018JustifyMike Smith1:55.93
2017Cloud ComputingJavier Castellano1:55.98
2016ExaggeratorKent Desormeaux1:58.31
2015American PharoahVictor Espinoza1:58.46
2014California ChromeVictor Espinoza1:54.84
2013OxbowGary Stevens1:57.54
2012I'll Have AnotherMario Gutierrez1:55.94
2011ShacklefordJesus Castanon1:56.47
2010Lookin At LuckyMartin Garcia1:55.47
2009Rachel AlexandraCalvin Borel1:55.08
2008Big BrownKent Desormeaux1:54.86
2007CurlinRobby Albarado1:53.46
2006BernardiniJavier Castellano1:54.65
2005Afleet AlexJeremy Rose1:55.04
2004Smarty JonesStewart Elliott1:55.59
2003Funny CideJose Santos1:55.61
2002War EmblemVictor Espinoza1:56.40
2001Point GivenGary Stevens1:55.40
2000Red BulletJerry Bailey1:56.00
1999CharismaticChris Antley1:55.20
1998Real QuietKent Desormeaux1:54.60
1997Silver CharmGary Stevens1:54.80
1996Louis QuatorzePat Day1:53.40
1995Timber CountryPat Day1:54.40
1994Tabasco CatPat Day1:56.40
1993Prairie BayouMike Smith1:56.60
1992Pine BluffChris McCarron1:55.60
1991HanselJerry Bailey1:54.00
1990Summer SquallPat Day1:53.60
1989Sunday SilencePat Valenzuela1:53.80
1988Risen StarEd Delahoussaye1:56.20
1987AlyshebaChris McCarron1:55.80
1986Snow ChiefAlex Solis1:54.80
1985Tank's ProspectPat Day1:53.40
1984Gate DancerAngel Cordero1:53.60
1983Deputed TestamonyDonnie Miller Jr.1:55.40
1982Aloma's RulerJack Kaenel1:55.40
1981Pleasant ColonyJorge Velasquez1:54.60
1980CodexAngel Cordero1:54.20
1979Spectacular BidRonnie Franklin1:54.20
1978Affirmed Steve Cauthen1:54.40
1977Seattle Slew Jean Cruguet1:54.40
1976ElocutionistJohn Lively1:55.00
1975Master DerbyDarrel McHargue1:56.40
1974Little CurrentMiguel A. Rivera1:54.60
1973Secretariat Ron Turcotte1:53.00
1972Bee Bee BeeEldon Nelson1:55.60
1971Canonero IIGustavo Avila1:54.00
1970PersonalityEddie Belmonte1:56.20
1969Majestic PrinceBill Hartack1:55.60
1968Forward PassIsmael Valenzuela1:56.80
1967DamascusBill Shoemaker1:55.20
1966Kauai KingDon Brumfield1:55.40
1965Tom RolfeRon Turcotte1:56.20
1964Northern DancerBill Hartack1:56.80
1963Candy SpotsBill Shoemaker1:56.20
1962Greek MoneyJohn L. Rotz1:56.20
1961Carry BackJohnny Sellers1:57.60
1960Bally AcheBobby Ussery1:57.60
1959Royal OrbitWilliam Harmatz1:57.00
1958Tim TamIsmael Valenzuela1:57.20
1957Bold RulerEddie Arcaro1:56.20
1956FabiusBill Hartack1:58.40
1955NashuaEddie Arcaro1:54.60
1954Hasty RoadJohn H. Adams1:57.40
1953Native DancerEric Guerin1:57.80
1952Blue ManConn McCreary1:57.40
1951BoldEddie Arcaro1:56.40
1950Hill PrinceEddie Arcaro1:59.20
1949CapotTed Atkinson1:56.00
1948Citation Eddie Arcaro2:02.40
1947FaultlessDouglas Dodson1:59.00
1946Assault Warren Mehrtens2:01.40
1945PolynesianWayne D. Wright1:58.80
1944PensiveConn McCreary1:59.20
1943Count Fleet Johnny Longden1:57.40
1942AlsabBasil James1:57.00
1941Whirlaway Eddie Arcaro1:58.80
1940BimelechFred A. Smith1:58.60
1939ChalledonGeorge Seabo1:59.80
1938DauberMaurice Peters1:59.80
1937War Admiral Charley Kurtsinger1:58.40
1936Bold VentureGeorge Woolf1:59.00
1935Omaha Willie Saunders1:58.40
1934High QuestRobert Jones1:58.20
1933Head PlayCharley Kurtsinger2:02.00
1932Burgoo KingEugene James1:59.80
1931MateGeorge Ellis1:59.00
1930Gallant Fox Earl Sande2:00.60
1929Dr. FreelandLouis Schaefer2:01.60
1928VictorianRaymond Workman2:00.20
1927BostonianWhitey Abel2:01.60
1926DisplayJohn Maiben1:59.80
1925CoventryClarence Kummer1:59.00
1924Nellie Morse John Merimee1:57.20
1923VigilBenny Marinelli1:53.60
1922PilloryLouis Morris1:51.60
1921BroomspunFrank Coltiletti1:54.20
1920Man o' WarClarence Kummer1:51.60
1919Sir Barton Johnny Loftus1:53.00
1918War CloudJohnny Loftus1:53.60
1918Jack Hare, Jr.Charles Peak1:53.40
1917KalitanEverett Haynes1:54.40
1916DamroschLinus McAtee1:54.80
1915Rhine Maiden Douglas Hoffman1:58.00
1914HolidayAndy Schuttinger1:53.80
1913BuskinJames Butwell1:53.40
1912Colonel HollowayClarence Turner1:56.60
1911WatervaleEddie Dugan1:51.00
1910LayminsterRoy Estep1:40.60
1909EffendiWillie Doyle1:39.80
1908Royal TouristEddie Dugan1:46.40
1907Don EnriqueGeorge Mountain1:45.40
1906Whimsical Walter Miller1:45.00
1905CairngormWillie Davis1:45.80
1904Bryn MawrGene Hildebrand1:44.20
1903Flocarline William Gannon1:44.80
1902Old EnglandLee Jackson1:45.80
1901The ParaderFrank Landry1:47.20
1900HindusHenry Spencer1:48.40
1899Half TimeRichard Clawson1:47.00
1898Sly FoxWillie Simms1:49.75
1897Paul KauvarT. Thorpe1:51.25
1896MargraveHenry Griffin1:51.00
1895BelmarFred Taral1:50.50
1894AssigneeFred Taral1:49.25
1890MontagueWillie Martin2:36.75
1889BuddhistGeorge Anderson2:17.50
1888RefundFred Littlefield2:49.00
1887DunboyneWilliam Donohue2:39.50
1886The BardS. Fisher2:45.00
1885TecumsehJim McLaughlin2:49.00
1884Knight of EllerslieS. Fisher2:39.50
1883JacobusGeorge Barbee2:42.50
1882VanguardTom Costello2:44.50
1881SauntererTom Costello2:40.50
1880GrenadaLloyd Hughes2:40.50
1879HaroldLloyd Hughes2:40.50
1878Duke of MagentaCyrus Holloway2:41.75
1877CloverbrookCyrus Holloway2:45.50
1876ShirleyGeorge Barbee2:44.75
1875Tom OchiltreeLloyd Hughes2:43.50
1874CulpepperWilliam Donohue2:56.50
1873SurvivorGeorge Barbee2:43.00

Feel the power of the Preakness Stakes!

It might be slightly overshadowed by the Kentucky Derby, but then what horse race in America isn’t? That said, there is no denying that there is still plenty of power to be found at the Preakness Stakes every year.

In 2019, War of Will got over the line first amidst plenty of competition. Meanwhile, the 2020 race is set to be just as fierce, as plenty of horses and jockeys are intent on being the next Triple Crown winner, winning the Preakness Stakes along the way.

Preakness Stakes Field

Before you throw down a wager on the Preakness Stakes 2020, make sure you check out all the latest information on the build-up to the big race right here!