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Whilst successful premier league players definitely don’t seek out red cards on the field, it seems that off-pitch, red, as well as black cards from a handy deck, betting shop wagers and casino delights are extremely popular.


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Thanks to it being the largest, the Premier League is also considered one of the most lucrative competitions to bet on. Since the season extensive and usually closely-knit throughout, it can provide great opportunities for punters to benefit from fantastic odds. The transfer deadline change. For all odds quoted on the show visit and signup: League Punters, part of th. Premier League 2020/2021 Match Fixtures and Live Odds. This is the best site to make you the best punter ever, with the real-life odds and perfect betting.


With the amount of travel involved in attending away matches, gambling on the go is the 21st century option for players. With many casino games now available online, such as a quick spin of roulette at or a virtual visit to big-name bookmakers for bets on the matches, horses and hounds themselves, a significant number of premier leaguers over the years have found gambling to be as much a part of their beautiful game as being on the pitch itself.

  • Matthew Etherington, who’s enjoyed premier league success with Tottenham Hotspur, Stoke and West Ham is reputed to have spent well over £1 million through racing bets on both horses and greyhounds, as well as in poker games.
  • Former Man United and Newcastle United winger Keith Gillespie was declared bankrupt in 2010 following years of gambling at bookmakers, including a spree he dubs “Black Friday” which cost him £47,000.
  • Michael Chopra is another player who was at the top of his game on the field, but struggling with runs of poor luck in daily betting. He is reported to have spent over £2 million gambling during his football career.
  • Dominic Matteo of Blackburn Rovers, Leeds United and Liverpool confessed to reporters that, despite the excitement he provided to football fans whilst on the pitch, when he wasn’t playing it was boredom which sparked his initial interest in gambling. Matteo made ready use of mobile technology for easy access to a range of gambling methods, including his favoured horse racing.
  • Paul Merson, a respected former Arsenal and England player, also favoured gambling as an off-pitch past-time, reportedly spending up to £30,000 a time during betting sprees.
  • David Bentley, of Arsenal, Blackburn and Tottenham Hotspur fame has also revealed that although he’s still young at under 30, he has been habitually gambling since he has been earning a premier league wage. He is reported to have been spending massive sums during sprees where he’s placed up to 100 bets a day.

Of course, as Bentley’s experience shows, it’s that premier league wage which is often the starting point for players’ and their relationships with gambling. Whether it’s through investing large amounts into owning racehorses, as Wayne Rooney and Michael Owen have been reported as doing, by filling time on journeys or stints away from home with a visit to online casinos and bookmakers, to having inter-team card schools, it seems that a significant number of players are aiming for big wins off the pitch as much as on them!

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Premier League Puns

SeasonChampionsPointsPremier League Top Scorer
2019/20Liverpool99Jamie Vardy (Leicester City) – 23
2018/19Manchester City98Mohamed Salah (Liverpool), SadioMané (Liverpool), Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang (Arsenal) – 22
2017/18Manchester City100Mohamed Salah (Liverpool) – 32
2016/17Chelsea93Harry Kane (Tottenham) – 29
2015/16Leicester City81Harry Kane (Tottenham) – 25
2014/15Chelsea87Sergio Agüero (Manchester City) – 26
2013/14Manchester City86Luis Suárez (Liverpool) – 31
2012/13Manchester United89Robin van Persie (Manchester United) – 26
2011/12Manchester City89Robin van Persie (Arsenal) – 26
2010/11Manchester United80Dimitar Berbatov (Manchester City), Carlos Tevez (Manchester City) – 20
2009/10Chelsea86Didier Drogba (Chelsea) – 29
2008/09Manchester United90Nicolas Anelka (Chelsea) – 19
2007/08Manchester United87Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United) – 31
2006/07Manchester United89Didier Drogba (Chelsea) – 20
2005/06Chelsea91Thierry Henry (Arsenal) – 27
2004/05Chelsea95Thierry Henry (Arsenal) – 25