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The musical direction of rap more and more captures the current youth. The genre, which appeared in the African-American settlement in the 70s of the XX century, does not leave any music fan indifferent. In Russia, this area has long been inferior to others. So who are they - the richest rappers in Russia?

10. The team 25/17

The 25/17 team was founded by musicians from Omsk Zavyalov and Pozdnukhov (Pale) in 2002. At first, the group preferred to work only in the strict genre of rap, but then expanded its range. At the moment, their compositions are written in such directions as rap-rock, rapcore, hip-hop and even alternative rock.

Throughout the existence of the band, the guys managed to release 5 albums, 8 small album works, 6 albums in a live recording, 4 mixtapes and a huge number of singles.

Accurate information about the financial income of one of the richest rappers in Russia is not freely available.

9. Serge

Sergey Parkhomenko became famous after the well-known track called 'Black Boomer'.

During his studies in Germany, he met the rapper Azad and recorded a track with him. When Seryoga returned to his homeland, he began to advance in musical activities, in 2004 he was already able to appear on the M1 music channel.

Song Rappers Gambling Song

After a creative pause, which lasted from 2012 to 2013, Serega returns to his activities and becomes one of the richest rappers in Russia.

Information about income in free access also does not apply.


8. Rapper Guf

Alexey Sergeevich Dolmatov, the future artist who became one of the richest rappers in Russia, in 2000 joined the Rolexx group in which he became popular under his new nickname Guf.

In 2004, Gough together with the Principle create a group called Centr, in which he will work until 2009.

Guf is the winner of the music award in the field of contemporary music on the MTV-Russia channel.

On December 25, 2010, the album was organized, which he wrote together with rapper Basta. The work was called 'Basta / Gough.'

Information about the exact income is unknown, but the average amount for one concert of Guf is about 2 million rubles.

7. Rapper Korzh

Maxim Anatolyevich Korzh in 2012 releases his debut video for the single 'Sky will help us', which instantly takes off to the leading positions. In the summer of the same year, Max records a whole album and signs a contract with Respect Production.

Tour 2014 gathers thousands of audience. At the same time, his name shines on the award of Muz-TV in the nomination 'Album of the Year', where he triumphs.

Thus, Max Korzh begins to enter the list of the richest rappers in Russia, earning 36 million rubles a year from his work.

6. Jah Khalib

Bakhtiyar Mammadov is a Russian-speaking rapper from Kazakhstan, as well as a producer. As a child, the boy's parents sent him to a music school, where he learned to play the saxophone. Popularity came to him when Ja Kalib began posting his tracks on social networks.

In 2016, his debut album 'If Th, I'm Bach' is released. In 2017, Dja becomes the “Breakthrough of the Year” according to the founders of the Muz-TV Award.

The annual income of one of the richest rappers in Russia is about 57.6 million rubles.

5. Noize MC

At the beginning of his career (2000), Ivan Alekseev was a member of the team 'Levers of Machines'. However, after 2 years, he leaves the group and begins to engage in solo activities.

In 2007 he signed contracts with two popular labels, which makes Noize MC an artist with an international name and makes it to the top richest rappers in Russia.

Noise MC works not only in the genre of rap, but also listed in the list of rock artists. He prefers such genres:

  • experimenting alternative music with recitative - rap-rock;
  • combines heavy music with recitative - rapcore;
  • and also resorts to punk and alternative rock.

Despite the fact that in 2008 the agreement with Respect Production and the Universal Music Group was terminated, Noise MC continues to work in the music field and earn 72 million rubles annually.

Rapper Gambling

4. Artist Oxxxymiron

Miron Fedorov was spotted in 2008 by the label from Germany Optik Russia, thanks to which he was able to gain popularity.

In 2011, he developed his own project called Vagabund, and in 2017, he became director of Booking Machine Concerts Agency.

The income of the artist for the year, included in the 10 richest rappers in Russia, is 116 million rubles.

3. L'ONE

In 2005, together with Igor Pustelnik Levan (L'ONE) created the group Marselle. Since 2012, begins to work in solo mode. Since then, Marselle has officially joined the Black Star team.

In 2016, the album 'Gravity' is released, which, according to the magazine 'Poster', becomes the best in Levan's discography.

Annual financial income for performances amount to 119 million rubles.

2. Basta

Since 1997, Basta has been a member of the Psikholyrik collective, but in 1999 he was renamed the United Caste group.

In 2002, Basta, in the company of Yuri Volosov, came to the capital and, with the support of Titomir Bogdanov, enters the creative organization Gazgolder. After 5 years, Basta becomes a co-owner of the above-mentioned label.

In the solo work artist wrote 4 albums. The rapper is not only performing, but also acting, producing. Basta is a good director and TV host.

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Basta (according to Forbes magazine) is the richest rapper in Russia, earning 189 million rubles annually.

1. Winner - Timati

In 1998, Timur Yunusov founded a group called VIP77, at that time he was only 14 years old.

In 2004 he took part in the television music show 'Star Factory 4'. After 2 years, the first solo work Black Star.

In addition to performing activities Timati is engaged in producing. Thanks to him, Black Star Inc., the most popular domestic rap label in the world, was formed at the moment.

For 2016, the artist’s estimated salary was approximately 200 million rubles, which made him one of the richest rappers in Russia.

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