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In December 1958, Ritchie Valens paid a visit to his alma mater, Pacoima Junior High School, in the San Fernando Valley of Southern California. Not much older than the assembled students (he had turned seventeen the previous May 13), he performed an assortment of its, his own and others’, including his latest single, the double-sided “Donna”/ “La Bamba,” which would climb into the. 29 minutes ago  “La Bamba” was an old song by the time the 17-year-old Ritchie Valens got ahold of it. “La Bamba” came from Veracruz, the Mexican state that developed its.

La Bamba is the story of Ritchie Valens and how he came to be a star. His life was never entirely perfect but he did manage to live the good life once he got famous. He had a very severe fear of flying however since he’d had a dream once that he was killed in a mid-air collision. While it wasn’t that kind of accident that led to his end it was an accident that was dubbed The Night the Music Died. He, Buddy Holly, and The Big Bopper boarded a jet that had been chartered by Holly in order to get to their next gig. Unfortunately the plane crashed to the ground after only a few minutes in flight, killing everyone aboard.

His legacy still lives on, but it’s been on the mind of everyone involved with him for many years now.

10. Ritchie Valens’ sister was on the set the day they did the fated coin toss that put Valens on the plane.

She had a lot of trouble equating the reality of what had happened years ago with the scene that was being played out and cried even as Phillips held her for comfort.

9. Valens’ family got so attached to Lou Diamond Phillips that they begged him not to do the plane scene.Â

They were advised not to make their way to the set on the day that he was going to be shooting the plane scene, but Valens’ sister came anyway.

8. The singing and playing was provided by Los Lobos.

All of the music you hear from Ritchie and his band were provided by Los Lobos, so Phillips isn’t really singing during these portions.

7. Phillips’ agent told him that the film was about Franki Valli.

That might have been a completely different experience altogether but thankfully his agent had the wrong name and Phillips went to audition anyway.

6. Phillips was 25 when he played the role of teenage Ritchie Valens.

This is a pretty common practice in films but it’s been switching around in recent years to allow younger actors to come forward.

5. Waylon Jennings said, jokingly, that he hoped the airplane crashed.

Ritchie valens girlfriend donna today

It was meant completely in jest since Buddy Holly had said he hoped that their bus broke down again, but this has haunted Jennings ever since.

4. Ritchie Valens’ mother passed away three months after the films release.

She at least got to see her son’s legend immortalized in a way that will be next to possible to forget.

3. Ritchie had a dream of a mid-air collision between two planes.

Nz mobile casino. This actually happened as well as two planes collided over the yard of his school, killing many children as the debris fell to the ground. Ritchie wasn’t there that day as he was attending his grandfather’s funeral.

2. The actress playing the mother of Ritchie and Bob was only twelve years older than the actors.

Makeup and other methods can be used to make a person look older in order to complete the role.

1. The fated coin toss took place in the SURF room, not on the airstrip as shown in the movie.Â

There were a few changes made to the movie but not many. The main point of it was still kept untouched.


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The Day the Music Died was a sad, tragic day for the music industry and all those involved.