Shadow Fist Kung Fu


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Fu can't fight and is always getting bullied by the teachers and pupils. One day, an old man helps Fu train in an art of kung fu called the 'Snake's Fist'. Fu doesn't get bullied again. Then Fu creates his own style and mixes it with the Snake's Fist. Shang-Chi, also known as the Master of Kung Fu and Brother Hand, is a fictional superhero appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics.The character was created by writer Steve Englehart and artist Jim Starlin, first appearing in Special Marvel Edition #15 (cover-dated December 1973) in the Bronze Age of Comic Books, starring in his own solo title until 1983.

Shadow Fist Kung Fu

Running Fist Kung Fu

Kung Fu Movies

Mantis Fist And Tiger Claws Of Shaolin
Snake In The Monkey's Shadow
The 18 Bronzemen
The 18 Bronzemen II(Chinese language with English subs)
Killer Priest
Challenge of the Lady Ninja
Killer Of Snake Fox Of Shaolin
Assault of Final Rival
Leopard Fist Ninja
Wu Tang vs Ninja
Born Invincible
Secret Rivals
The Blazing Temple(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Terminator
Incredible Kung Fu Mission
Enter The Ninja
Marvelous Stunts of Kung Fu
The Magnificent Kick
Dragon Lee vs The 5 Brothers
They Call Me Bruce
Ninja Thunderbolt
The 8 Masters(Chinese language with English subs)
They Still Call Me Bruce
Dragon Against Vampire
Ninja Squad
Rivals of the Silver Fox
Blood on the Sun
Ninja Masters of Death
Blood of the Dragon
Old Dirty Strikes Back
Revenge of the Ninja
Ninja III The Domination
Fury in Shaolin Temple
Fight For Survival
Iron Man
Mystery of Chess Boxing
Return of the 5 Deadly Venoms
Barry Gordys The Last Dragon
18 Weapons of Kung Fu
Taichi Devil Dragons
Ninja Death Squad
The Invincible Armour
Fighting Ace
City Ninja
The Iron Monkey
The Shaolin Incredible Ten
Clash of the Ninjas
Shaolin Traitor
Lightning Kung Fu
Dragons Claws(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Violent Sorcerer
Shaolin Death Squad
18 Swirling Riders
Ninja Champion
The 9 Venoms
Ninja Fantasy
A Slice Of Death
Shaolin Temple Against Lama
Horse Boxing Killer
Life Of A Ninja
5 Fighters From Shaolin
Shaolin Dolemite
Warriors Of Kung Fu
Bruce Lee Fights Back From The Grave
Ninja The Final Duel
Ninja The Final Duel:Trilogy Version(Chinese language)
The Dragon Lives Again
Secret Ninja Roaring Tiger
The Clones Of Bruce Lee
Mysterious Footworks of Kung Fu
Mask of Death
Fists of the White Lotus
Shaolin Iron Claws
Ten Tigers of Shaolin
Dance Of The Drunken Mantis(Chinese language with English subs)
Scorching Sun Fierce Winds Wild Fire
Kung Fu From Beyond The Grave
Night of the Ninja
Blind Fist of Bruce
Drunken Arts and Crippled Fist
Zombie Rival The Super Ninja Master
Incredible Shaolin Thunderkick
Golden Ninja Warrior
Invincible Kung Fu Legs
Mirai Ninja(Japanese language with English subs)
Shaolin Drunken Fighter
Ninjas Extreme Weapons
Magnificent Butcher
Fatal Needles Fatal Fist
Shaolin Red Master
Against Rascals With Kung Fu
Strife For Mastery
The 72 Desperate Rebels
Kung Fu Master Named Drunk Cat
Firefist Of Incredible Dragon
The Eighteen Claws Of Shaolin
Taoism Drunkard Drunken Wu Tang
10 Brothers Of Shaolin
Shaolin Invincible Sticks
Roaring Fire
7 Star Grand Mantis
Deadly Strike
Budo Wing
Master Killer
Shaolin and Wu Tang
The Legendary Strike
Snake Shadow Lama Fist
Return Of The Deadly Blade
Shaolin Drunk Monkey
Dance Of Death
Bruce And Shaolin Kung Fu
Bruce And Shaolin Kung Fu II
Against The Drunken Cat Paws
Snake And Crane Secret
The Buddhist Fist
Iron Dragon Strikes Back
Enter The Invincible Hero
The World Of Drunken Master
Snake Fist Of The Buddhist Dragon
The Crippled Masters
The Shaolin Invincibles
The Hot The Cool And The Vicious(Chinese language with English subs)
Heroes Of Shaolin
Wu Tang Champ vs Champ
18 Bronze Girls Of Shaolin
Ninja In The Dragons Den
Dynamite Shaolin Heroes
Ninja Strikes Back
The 36 Deadly Styles(Chinese language with English subs)
Steel Fisted Dragon
Wu Tang Magic Kick
Kung Fu vs Yoga
Shaolin Traitorous(Chinese language with English subs)
Prodigal Boxer
Kung Pow Enter The Fist
Ninja Dragon
Shaolin Kung Fu Mystagogue
Enter Three Dragons
Drunken Master Slippery Snake
King Boxer II
Diamond Ninja Force
The Sleeping Fist
Five Super Fighters
Ninja Vixens:Flame Of Seduction(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Crimson Blades(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Vixen Dropouts(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Forbidden Paradise(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Devilish Angels(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Demonic Sacrifices(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja Vixens:Web Of Passion(Japanese language with English subs)
I Was A Teenage Ninja:Legend Of The Voluptuous Kunoichi(Japanese language with English subs)
Ninja She Devil:Legend Of The Voluptuous Kunoichi(Japanese language with English subs)
Warriors Of Fire
7 Commandments Of Kung Fu
Death Duel Of Kung Fu
Ghost Of The Ninja
Eagle's Killer
Secret Of The Shaolin Poles
Force Of The Ninja
18 Fatal Strikes
Shaolin Chastity Kung Fu
Lady Ninja Reflections Of Darkness
The Master Strikes
Vampire Raiders Ninja Queen
Shaolin vs Tai Chi(Chinese language with English subs)
Everlasting Duel
Five Elements Ninjas
Offensive Shaolin Longfist
3 Evil Masters
Kung Fu Zombie
Ninja In The USA
Master Of The Flying Guillotine(Chinese language with English subs)
The Flying Guillotine
The Flying Guillotine II(Chinese language with English subs)
Fatal Flying Guillotines
Ninja In The Deadly Trap
Thundering Mantis
Raging Masters Tiger Crane
Crazy Guy With Super Kung Fu
Golden Killah Golden Mask
Cantonen Iron Kung Fu
Shaolin Ex Monk
Secret Message
Phantom Kung Fu
Ninjas Force
Ninjas Force II
Kung Fu Genius
Buddha Assassinator
Iron Swallow
Death Duel Of Mantis
The Super Ninja
Abbot White
Abbot White II(Chinese language with English subs)
Invincible Monkey Fist
Ninja The Protector
The Last Duel
Ninja Wolves
Shaolin Kingboxer
Monkey Fist Floating Snake
Hells Wind Staff
The Snake The Tiger The Crane
Prisoner Of Five Boulders
Ninja vs Ninja
Return Of The Kung Fu Dragon
Tiger And Crane Fists
Ninja Empire
Dance Of The Drunk Mantis
Iron Neck Li
Fury Of The Silver Fox
Ninja Powerforce
Shaolin Drunk Fighter
Long Step Mantis
Tai Chi Shadow Boxing
Ninja Avengers
Shaolin vs Ninja
Enter The Game Of Death
Shadow Killer
Kung Fu On Sale
Ten Magnificent Killers
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu(Chinese language with English subs)
Challenges Of Death
One Man Army
Ninja Demons Massacre
Drunken Tai Chi
Ninja Silent Assassin
My Kung Fu 12 Kicks
Dirty Kung Fu
Shadow Of The Tiger
Warriors Two
Return Of Bruce
Kung Fu Fever
Jade Dagger Ninja
Of Cooks And Kung Fu
Four Shaolin Challengers
Golden Ninja Invasion
Stranger From Shaolin
Invincible Kung Fu Trio
Bruce And The Iron Finger
5 Pattern Dragon Claws
Magnificent Natural Fist
Legend Of A Fighter
Woman Avenger
Seven Steps Of Kung Fu
Fist Of Golden Monkey
Thrilling Sword(Chinese language with English subs)
The Ultimate Ninja
War Of The Shaolin Temple
Blood Of Dragon Peril
7 Grandmasters
Deadly Snail vs Kung Fu Killers
Little Hero
Phoenix The Ninja
Bruce Lee Against Supermen
Eagles Claws
Revenge Of Drunken Master
Female Ninjas In Bed With The Enemy(Japanese language with English subs)
Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles 1(Japanese language with English subs)
Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles 3:Deadly Sex Organs of Death(Japanese language with English subs)
Female Ninjas Magic Chronicles 4:Rebel Forces at the Threshold(Japanese language with English subs)
Female Ninja Magic:100 Trampled Flowers(Japanese language)
Five Fingers Of Steel
Lightning Of Bruce Lee
Chinese Evil Technique(Chinese language)
Showdown At The Equator
Little Mad Guy
Best Of Shaolin Kung Fu
When The Kung Fu Hero Strikes
Young Flying Hero(Chinese language)
The Six Directions Of Boxing
Lady Iron Monkey
Militant Eagle
Chinese Magic(Chinese language with English subs)
Fearless Duo
Big Boss Of Shanghai
Secret Of Shaolin Kung Fu
Green Jade Statuette
When All Hell Broke Loose(Chinese language with English subs)
Avenging Fury
Dragon Warrior
Little Flying Dragon(Chinese language)
Strike Of Thunderkick Tiger
Kung Fu Rebels
Merciful Buddha(Chinese language with English subs)
Kung Fu Zombie vs Tigerkralle
Enter The Panther
Secret Executioners
Shaolin vs Black Magic(Chinese language with English subs)
Dragon Blood
Knife Of Devils Roaring Soul Missing
Crippled Kung Fu Boxer
Gambling For Head
Ninja Warriors
Shaolin Deadly Kicks
Goose Boxer
Ninja Grandmasters Of Death
One Foot Crane
Instant Kung Fu Man
Drunk Shrimp Crab And Fish(Chinese language with English subs)
Golden Dragon Silver Snake
Two Fists Against The Law
Needles Of Death
The Dragon The Lizard The Boxer
Tiger Over Wall
Clutch Of Power
Eagle Fist
Saviour Monk(Chinese language with English subs)
Brave In Kung Fu Shadow
Snake Deadly Act
Triumph Of The Two Kung Fu Arts
Sword Of Justice
Two Great Cavaliers
Point The Finger Of Death
Chaku Master
Love And Sword(Chinese language with English subs)
Snake Strikes Back
Game Of Killers(Chinese language)
Enter The Dragon:2 DVD Special Edition With All The DVD Extras
Great Hunter
Flyer Of Young Prodigal(Chinese language with English subs)
Marvelous Kung Fu
Two Toothless Tigers
Legend Of Peach Blossom(Chinese language with English subs)
Ghostly Face
Duel To The Death
Sea God And Ghosts(Chinese language)
Fist Of Fear Touch Of Death
Thou Shall Not Kill But Once
Ghosts Galore(Chinese language with English subs)
Big Boss II
Legend Of Mother Goddess(Chinese language with English subs)
Mafia vs Ninja
Mafia vs Ninja:Trilogy Version(Chinese language)
Shaolin Kung Fu Master
Gloomy Tower
Phantom Madam Peach Blossom(Chinese language with English subs)
Writing Kung Fu
Monkey King With 72 Magic(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Ultimate Challenge
Big Family
Disciple Of Shaolin Master
Guards Of Shaolin(Chinese language with English subs)
Fighting Dragon
Bruce Lee The Man The Myth
Demon Strike(Chinese language with English subs)
Ways Of Kung Fu
Super Dragon
Boy And A Magic Box(Chinese language)
Five Elements Of Kung Fu
Imperial Sword Crouching Devil(Chinese language with English subs)
Legendary Swordsman
Demon Fighter
Mean Drunken Master(Chinese language with English subs)
Eagle King
Shaolin Heroes
Green Dragon Inn
Boxer's Last Stand
Enter The Fat Dragon
Duel At Tiger Village(Chinese language with English subs)
The Cavalier
Bruce Kung Fu Girls
Venom Of The Ninja:3 DVD Box Set
Battle Of Shaolin
Duel With The Devil(Chinese language with English subs)
Six Kung Fu Heroes
The Incredible Kids
Fearless Golden Dragon
Ninja Pirates
The Silver Spear
Dreaming Fists With Slender Hands
Gods Of Wu Tang
Sword With The Windbell(Chinese language with English subs)
Kung Fu's Hero
V.I.P(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce Lee Secret
Seven Knights Eight Banners(Chinese language with English subs)
Fist Full Of Talons
The Association Operation Ironman
Black Dragon vs Yellow Tiger
Death Code Ninja
Bruce The Super Hero
Kung Fu Of Eight Drunkards
The Good The Bad The Loser
Kings Of Fists And Dollars
Breaking Through The Black Whirl(Chinese language)
Devils Three
Snake Shadow Rivals
Duel Of The Tough
Bruce vs Bill
Legend Of Eight Knights(Chinese language)
Two Dragons Fight Against Tiger
Chinese Chien Chuan Kung Fu
Mandarin Magician
Bruce Lee In New Guinea
Kung Fu Trouble Maker
Crazy Horse And Intelligent Monkey
The Death Of Bruce Lee
Superior Youngster(Chinese language)
Dragons Snake Fist
Wandering Monk
Close Kung Fu Encounter
Way Of The Black Dragon
Silver Dragon Ninja
Kung Fu Wonder Child
Rotten Lamas(Chinese language with English subs)
Yoga And The Kung Fu Girl
Eagle Claws Champion
Crystal Fist
Legend Of Bruce Lee
Challenge Of The Tiger
Black Belt Jones
Black Belt Jones II:The Tattoo Connection
Return Of Red Tiger
Fists Of Dragons
The Super Gang
Magnificent Wonderman
Kung Fu Cockfighter(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce's Fingers(German language)
Cobra Against Ninja
Bruce And The Dragon Fist
Faster Blade Poisonous Darts
Two Wonderous Tigers
Hero Of The Time
Dragons Showdown
Sexy Killer(Chinese language with English subs)
Struggle Through Death
Treasure Of Bruce Lee
Choy Lee Fut Kung Fu
Bionic Ninja
Massacre Survivor(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja American Warrior
Fearless Dragons
Art Of War(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja In The Killing Field
Thunder Ninja Kids Wonderful Mission
Jaws Of The Dragon
Labyrinth Of Death(Chinese language with English subs)
My Life's On The Line
Shadow Of The Tiger
Two Crippled Heroes
Ninjas And Dragons(Chinese language with English subs)
Master Of Death
Zodiac Fighters
El Ninja Mexicano(Spanish language with English subs)
Deadly Silver Spear
Angry Dragon
Frankensteins Kung Fu Monster(German language)
Duel Of Ultimate Weapons
Eagles Claw And Butterfly Palm
Exit The Dragon Enter The Tiger
Bruce Lee's Ways Of Kung Fu
Black Force
Fists Of Bruce Lee
Ninja Mania
Bruce's Deadly Fingers
Invincible Kung Fu
Thunder Ninja Kids Hunt For Devil Boxer
South Shaolin vs North Shaolin
Bruce Is Loose
The Jade Fox
Super Kung Fu Fighter
The Four Invincibles
Kung Fu Kids Break Away
Space Ninja:Sword Of The Space Ark
Iron Monkey Strikes Back
Phantom Killer(Chinese language with English subs)
Force Of Shaolin Boxer
Deadly Silver Angels
Invincible Obsessed Fighter
Ninja Killer
Catman In Boxers Blow
Return Of The Tiger
Dual Flying Kicks
Wu Tang Witch(Chinese language with English subs)
Shaolin Invincible Guys
Muscle Of The Dragon
Heroine Of Tribulation(Chinese language with English subs)
Invincible Shaolin
Descendant Of Wing Chun
Ninja Hunt
Lost Kung Fu Secrets
Majestic Thunderbolt
Hidden Power Of Dragon Sabre
Pink Trap(Chinese language)
Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha
Kill Bill Vol 1 and 2:Uncut Directors Version And Japanese Import Version
Bruce Lee We Miss You
Cold Blooded Murder
Black Spot(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce Lee's Greatest Revenge
Cameroon Connection
Bruce's Fist Of Vengeance
The Lady Constables(Chinese language with English subs)
My Name Called Bruce
Three Avengers
Goodbye Bruce Lee His Last Game Of Death
Here Comes Tao Huay(Chinese language)
Edge Of Fury
Soul Brothers Of Kung Fu
Secret Of The Water Technique(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce Lee The Invincible
Ninja Phantom Heros
The Dragon Lives
Master Killers
The Foxy Ladies(Chinese language with English subs)
Zu Warriors From The Magic Mountain
The Fists The Kicks The Evils
Ninja Avenger
Bruce Lee The Star Of All Stars(Chinese language with English subs)
Wu Tang Temple Miracle Fighters
Dark Lady Of Kung Fu
Hitman In The Hand Of Buddha(Chinese language with English subs)
Image Of Bruce Lee
Devils Dynamite
Finishing The Game
Souls Of The Sword(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Squad Killers Invisible
Edge Of Fury
Ninja Commandments
Bravest Fist
To Kill A Mastermind(Chinese language with English subs)
Hard Bastard
Fighting Life Crippled Masters 3
Mission Kiss And Kill
In The Beginning(Chinese language)
Jeet Kune The Claws And The Supreme Kung Fu
Buddhas Palm And Dragon Fist
Mr Big(Chinese language with English subs)
Hero Tattooed with Nine Dragons
Fist Of Vengeance
Iron Fisted Eagles Claw(Chinese language with English subs)
Funny Kung Fu
8 Strikes Of Wild Cat
The Noble Ninja
Martial Monks Of Shaolin Temple
Dreadnaught Rivals
Ninja Pussy Cat(Japanese language with English subs)
The True Game Of Death
Dragon On Shaolin Tower
The 36 Deadly Styles
Soul Collector
Drunken Dragon(Chinese language with English subs)
Moonlight Sword And Jade Lion
Ninja Kill
The Eight Dragon Sword(Chinese language with English subs)
Raging Masters Tiger Crane
Heaven And Hell(Chinese language with English subs)
Secret Of The Shaolin Poles
Mantis Combat
The Dragon The Hero
Buddha's Palm(Chinese language with English subs)
Seven Steps Of Kung Fu
Ninja In Action
Shaolin Megaforce(Chinese language with English subs)
Grand Master Of Shaolin Kung Fu
Wandering Dragon
Story Of Drunken Master
Ninja Project Daredevils
Lost Swordship(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce The King Of Kung Fu
Monkey In The Masters Eye
Demon Of The Lute(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce Against Iron Hand
Daggers 8
Ninja Squad
Seven Men Of Kung Fu(Chinese language with English subs)
Rights Overcomes Might
Ninja Condors
Flute Player Of Wrath(Chinese language with English subs)
Snuff Bottle Connection
Battle Wizard
Black Eagle's Blades(Chinese language with English subs)
Four Clans Of Death
Ninja In The Claws Of The CIA
Bruce Lee vs Gay Power(Mexican language)
Kill The Ninja
Monkey Kung Fu(1980's USA Network Late Night Movie Airing With Original Commercials)
Passage Of The Dragon
They Call Him Bruce Lee
Zodiac Fighters II:War Of The Zodiacs(Chinese language)
Bruce's Ninja Secret
Wolf Devil Woman
Dwarf Sorcerer Magic Kid(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Force Of Assassins
Match Of Tiger And Dragon
Death Warrior
Six Kung Fu Heroes
Ninja Of The Magnificence
Kung Fu Instructor(1980's USA Network Kung Fu Theatre Airing With Original Commercials)
Shinobi Ninja
Fight Among The Supers(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Russian Terminator
Boxer's Adventure
Empire Of Spiritual Ninja
Ninja And The Thief(Chinese language with English subs)
Bruce Lee's Deadly Kung Fu
Rage Of A Ninja
Na Cha And The Seven Devils(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Mission
Fearless Kung Fu Elements
Born A Ninja
Return Of Fist Of Fury
Northern Kicks And Southern Fist(1980's USA Network Up All Night Airing With Original Commercials)
The Last Fist Of Fury
Full Metal Ninja
Ninja The Ultimate Warrior
Wild Panther
Power Of Ninjitsu
Death Promise
Ninja Destroyer
Kung Fu Means Fists Strikes And Swords(Chinese language with English subs)
Tough Ninja Shadow Warrior
Thundering Ninja
Ninja vs Bruce Lee
Vixens Of Kung Fu
Wanderer With Nimble Knife(Chinese language with English subs)
Ninja Strike Force
Demons In The Flame Mountain
House Of Sex Beauties(Chinese language)
Eagle vs Silver Fox
The Dragon The Lizard The Boxer
Witch With Flying Head(Chinese language with English subs)
Game Of Killers
Ninja Exterminators
Evil Destroyer
Invincible Buddhism Kung Fu(Chinese language with English subs)
Crack Shadow Boxers
18 Jade Claws Of Shaolin
Satanic Crystals
Thrust With A Sword(Chinese language with English subs)
The Nine Demons
Macho Man
Ninja 8:Warriors Of Fire
Golden Peacock Castle(Chinese language with English subs)
Mantis Under Falcon Claws
Ninja Hunter
Bruce Against Snake In The Eagle's Shadow
Silver Dragon Ninja
Fists Of Fire:Documentary about Shaw Bros Kung Fu movies
Da Mystery Of Kung Fu:Kung Fu Movie Documentary hosted by The Wu Tang Clan Rap Group
IFD Films/Godfrey Ho/Joseph Lai Movie Trailers Vol.1 and 2:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Celluloid Fury:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Ninja Theater Hosted by Sho Kosugi:All 12 Ninja Weapons Training Videos hosted by Sho Kosugi
Bruce Lee The Lost Interview:30 minute Bruce Lee interview from 1971 on The Pierre Berton TV Show
Grindhouse Kung Fu Movie Trailers Vol.1 and 2:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Martial Arts Mayhem Vol.1 and 2:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Wu Tang Clan's Kung Fu Movie Trailer Collection Vol.1 thru 3:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Bruce Lee and Kung Fu Mania:Kung Fu Movie Trailers
Sho Kosugi's Master Class:Documentary with Sho Kosugi demonstrating the staging of stunts for his Ninja Movies
Fundamentals Of Nunchaku:Sensei Fumio Demura teaches stances,swings,strikes and blocks with the Nunchaku weapon
Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu:Master Ninja Masaaki Hatsumi demonstrates his Ninja Techniques
Death by Misadventure The Mysterious Life Of Bruce Lee:Documentary on the life and death of Bruce Lee
Gracie Combatives:13 DVD Jiu-Jitsu Training Course
Shinobi Winds Of The 34th Generation:Documentary tracing the origins and history of real life Ninjas
Hojo Jitsu:Demonstration of Ninja Rope Techniques
Shaolin One:Documentary on Kung Fu styles and techniques
Ninjutsu Tactics:Master Ninja Robert Bussey demonstrates the Ninja Evasion and Jumping tactics
Ninja Art Of Masaaki Hatsumi:Documentary on Master Ninja Masaaki Hatsumi,his views of Ninjutsu and his personal techniques
Hidden Ninja Weapons:Master Ninja Masaaki Katsumi teaches about secret Ninja weapons
Ninja Stealth Techniques:Master Ninja Robert Bussey demonstrates the Ninja stealth approach
Southern Mantis Chow Gar:Southern Mantis Chow Gar Pheonix Fist and Hammer Hand techniques