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Looking for a little Chinese luck in your life? It’s time to step into the world of Super 6 where every spin could lead to the super luckiest day of your life. How lucky are we talking about? It all starts with a top award of 10,000x your bet per way, and it continues with a whopping 729 possibly winning combinations. With every spin, you’ve got a chance to enter a free games bonus round where up to 25 free spins could be yours. And not just any spins. These ones come with extra wilds and big prize multipliers. There’s so much luck waiting to be had, you’ll feel like you’ve hit the jackpot with every spin.

Play online Super 6 Live Dealer casino games at Ignition Casino. Our Super 6 live dealer games deliver the real casino experience. Super 6 has a relevant title, as we can now see. Chinese-themed slots are far from unique, but there are lots of reasons why they are a popular type of theme. Try this one now as it provides the perfect introduction to a great Chinese slot game. Super 6 by RealTime Gaming is a fantastic slot game for any casino player. It was launched in 2016. This non-progressive game has six reels and offers 729 different ways to win. The theme of the game has an element of Asian culture.

Soccer Saturday Sky Sports Super 6 - It's free to join and play! Correctly predict the scores of 6 football games for your chance to win £250,000 each week. The “super six” of Super Six Baccarat is, therefore, the term given to the banker’s hand if it equals six. The insurance bet mentioned above is an optional side bet and it is not mandatory for players to place a bet that the banker’s hand will turn out to be a six.

How to Play:

Super 6 packs a seriously lucky punch into every spin. The goal of the game is to spin the reels and line up symbols. Different symbols reward different payouts. You can see how rewarding each symbol is by clicking the Help button within the game anytime. But don’t worry. You can play blindly without having to worry about what’s worth what. That’s because the software calculates everything for you automatically. So if you’ve won something, you’ll get paid out right away.

Game Controls:

Playing Super 6 is extremely easy, as long as you familiarize yourself with a few important controls. We’ve laid it all out for you right here. So take a moment to familiarize yourself with everything and get playing.
What is super 6 casinoBet: Use the up and down arrows to adjust your bet per spin. Your bet won’t be locked in until you hit Spin, so feel free to keep adjusting it until you’re happy.
Lines:Super This is an All Ways Pays game, so there are no lines to worry about. Essentially, every possible line is played each time you hit Spin.

Super 6 Casino

Spin: When you’re happy with your bet, click the Spin button to get the reels moving.
Autoplay: Prefer to sit back and relax? We can do the spinning for you. Just turn Autoplay on to use the same bet over and over again. After you get paid out for wins, the game will spin for you once again.
Remember, if you need help with any of the controls at any time, just click the Help icon within the game. You won’t have to come back to this page to get the details. Everything you need to know is explained right in the Help section.

Super 6 Casino Game

Game Tips

Looking to bet smarter? Consider giving a betting strategy a try. Start by placing the smallest possible bet. If you win, keep your bet the same. If you lose, double it. Eventually, when you win, you’ll recover all those losses and actually be ahead. Of course, if you hit a wall where you can’t double your bet because you’re out of cash or because you’ve bet the max, you’ll be out of luck. So try this first at the play money slots.

Game Rules

There aren’t too many rules to worry about in Super 6. Just spin and win. It really is that simple. One important rule, however, has to do with the substitute symbol. It can sub in for most other symbols in the game, except for the scatter symbol, so keep that in mind.

Game Symbols

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The masters at Real Time Gaming have done it again! Super 6 is the latest in a long line of incredibly exciting virtual slots that will take your online gaming experience to brand new heights. This game features six reels of glittering action, and its ‘All Ways Pays’ structure ensures that you’ll have plenty of chances to win (729, to be precise) with each and every spin. As if that wasn’t enough, Super 6 also offers some exciting features that can be triggered through the collection of four or more Super 6 scatter symbols. Depending on the positioning of those scatters, you may even be eligible for huge bonuses, such as Mega Grouped Wilds, five times the prizes or additional wild symbols! If you’ve been on the hunt for a brand new slot to add to your rotation, you’ve just hit the jackpot! Super 6 offers a huge selection of ways to win and more free games than you can shake a stick at, and that’s a great recipe for success in a slot game.

How to Play Super 6

When you’re ready to play Super 6, start by loading the game. Depending strictly on your personal preference, you may choose to go for the convenient instant play version or the downloadable software version. After loading the game, all you’ll need to do is choose your wager and click spin. It’s worth noting that, since Super 6 is an ‘All Ways Pays’ game, you won’t need to worry about selecting a number of paylines. When you’re happy with your wager, click spin to get the fun underway. From there, you’ll just need a little luck to walk away a winner.

Game Controls

Controlling Super 6 is as simple as using intuitive arrow controls to set a bet before clicking spin. Sunset slots. There’s really not much more to it.

What Is Super 6 Casino Game


Paylines are normally half the betting process on a slot machine, but that’s not the case with Super 6. This game is an ‘All Ways Pays’ game, so you don’t need to worry about selecting a number of paylines. Every spin, you’ll have 729 combinations.


Use the intuitive arrow controls to select your wager. Evaluate the size of your bankroll to determine the best way to maximize your playing power.


Click the spin button, and the reels begin to spin.


Super 6 Casino Game

If you’d prefer to avoid clicking the spin button, autoplay is the tool for you! Just enable autoplay, and the reels will keep spinning at the current wager until you tell them to stop. This is a great choice for resting the ole clicking finger.

Game Symbols & Characters

There are a couple of important symbols to watch for during play. The first is the Coin wild symbol. Coins substitute for all symbols except for scatters, and they double the prize when appearing in a winning combination. The second important symbol is the Super 6 Scatter Symbol. Collect four of these bad boys to win eight free games with doubled prizes. If you’re able to collect six scatters in a single spin, you’ll net 25 free games with doubled prizes. With these bonuses and a lot more, this is one of the most rewarding games you’ll find on the web.

Features Trigger

What Is Super 6 Casino

Triggering the free games feature in Super 6 is a long and arduous journey! Just kidding; it’s actually really simple. Collect four or more of the scattered Super 6 symbols on a single spin, and you’ll be rewarded with free games. Depending on the placement of the scatters, you may be able to activate one of the game’s even bigger bonuses, such as Mega Grouped Wilds, five times the prizes or an additional Wild symbol.

Super 6 Saturday Oxford Casino

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Super 6 Casino Game

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