Super Bowl Score Squares


This is a wheel for the game “Football Squares” also known as “Super Bowl Squares.”
The wheel can be used for the process of randomly assigning digits to the rows and columns

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Super bowl score squares 2021

Pick squares for superbowlPick the winners of each NFL game and compete for prizes. The football squares pool is as big a part of a NFL Super Bowl party as pizza and beer. Long a tradition in home and office football game viewing parties (and in particular for the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl Squares Results 2020

How to play Football Squares:

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Super Bowl Score Squares

  1. You begin with a 10×10 grid. Assign a team for the rows and a team for the columns.
  2. Take turns with your friends buying squares within the grid and entering names in the squares, until they all are filled.
  3. Players all decide how much each square will cost, and all the cash goes into a pool.
  4. Use the wheel to randomly assign a digit 0-9 for each row and then every column (numbers will be removed automatically).
    Now the game is ready to begin.
  5. Begin watching the football game (normally the Super Bowl).
  6. At the end of each quarter, take the one’s digit of each team’s score and see whose square matches those two digits.
  7. That player wins the round and receives money from the pool.
    It is up to you how much money, but these are the normal percentages of the pool for each round:
    1st Quarter: 20%
    2nd Quarter: 20%
    3rd Quarter: 20%
    Final Score: 40%

Super Bowl Score Squares

You can do any combination the players agree on or even just give 100% of the pool to the final score winner.
Happy winnings!