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The payouts have been announced for the 2019 Westgate Las Vegas SuperContest. After a field size of 3,328 entries generated a prize pool of $4,592,640, the winner of ‘the ultimate football handicapping challenge’ is set to take home $1,469,644 in first-place prize money. That’s the largest first prize in SuperContest history.

2019 SuperContest Payouts; 2018 SuperContest Payouts; 2017 SuperContest Payouts; Proxy Service. Football Contest Proxy Reservations; Football Contest Proxy Service FAQ; Testimonials; Media; Referral Program; Contact Us; 2018 SuperContest Payouts. Failed to fetch Error: URL to the PDF file must be on exactly the same domain as the current web page. The Westgate SuperContest, the world’s most prestigious NFL handicapping contest, drew a record number of entries (3,123) for the eighth consecutive year in 2018. Joe Ostrowski of Chicago's 670 TheScore and the UFC's Jon Anik with their top picks for NFL Week 10 in the Westgate SuperContest exclusively at.

With second place at $505,190, the winner will take home nearly $1,000,000 more. The top nine places are set to win six figures. The top 100 places will reach the money, with a min-cash worth $2,296. The full prize structure is listed below.

Westgate supercontest weekly selections

1st Place: $1,469,644
2nd Place: $505,190
3rd Place: $275,558
4th Place: $218,150
5th Place: $195,187
6th Place: $172,224
7th Place: $149,260
8th Place: $137,779
9th Place: $114,816
10th Place: $91,852
11th-13th Places: $68,889
14th-15th Places: $57,508
16th-18th Places: $50,519
19th-20th Places: $45,926
21st-22nd Places: $41,333
23rd-25th Places: $36,741
26th-28th Places: $32,148
29th-30th Places: $27,555
31st-34th Places: $13,777
35th-43rd Places: $9,185
44th-50th Places: $6,888
51st-66th Places: $4,592
67th-73rd Places: $3,674
74th-80th Places: $3,214
81st-100th Places: $2,296

Additional prizes will be given out in the form of three $15,000 bonuses. The bonuses are the $15,000 1st Quarter Bonus, the $15,000 Halftime Bonus, and the $15,000 Mini Contest. For these bonuses, contestants needed to sign up before Monday, September 2, 2019, at 4 p.m. PT. Of the field’s 3,328 entries, 2,907 qualified for the Early Bird Sign-Up Bonuses.

The $15,000 1st Quarter Bonus will be awarded to the contestant with the best record over the first four weeks. The $15,000 Halftime Bonus will be awarded to the contestant with the best record over the first eight weeks. The $15,000 Mini Contest will go to the contestant with the best record over the final three weeks. If multiple contestants are tied for these bonuses, those tied will split the prizes equally.

$585,000 First Prize in SuperContest Gold

In the Las Vegas SuperContest Gold, which is Westgate’s $5,000 buy-in, winner-take-all football contest that attracted 117 entries, the winner will get $585,000. As a reminder, the SuperContest Gold is a winner-take-all prize format and the entire entry fee goes to the prize pool with no administrative fee.

To learn more about the SuperContest, check out SharpSide’s ‘Everything You Need To Know About the Las Vegas SuperContest’ guide.

Stay tuned to SharpSide.com for more coverage of the 2019 Las Vegas SuperContest.

For sports bettors, the Westgate SuperContest has become the holy grail of handicapping competitions. Last year, a record number of entrants forked over $1,500 in hopes of claiming one of the 50 spots that actually return money.

The problem here lies in the fact that the contest didn’t draw 500 entries (where 10% of the field would make the money on 50 pay slots), or 1,000 entries (where 5% of entries would cash). No, the 2017 version of the SuperContest drew 2,748 entries! Paying 50 spots means that just shy of 2% of the field made any sort of return on their money.

The monetary Westgate SuperContest payouts themselves were as asinine as the field percentage. First place paid out $1,327,000, while second place was $531,000. A min-cash — any team finishing in spots 42-50 — was barely more than double your entry, coming in at $3,792. 21 dukes casino no deposit bonus codes. Yes, you’re doing the math correctly. You beat out 2,700 teams (who all paid $1,500) and your profit was a mere $2,292.

But the first-place prize is beyond laughable. $1.327 million? Is anybody complaining about turning $1,500 into $1 million? Of course not. You could have made someone a millionaire while pumping over $327,000 into the rest of the payouts and been better off anyway! $1 million to first place is more marketable. It’s cleaner. It’s memorable. It’s just better any way you look at it.

Changes in 2018 aren’t changes at all

The Westgate made an announcement this month that it had listened to the complaints from players and a change was going to be made. The 2018 version of the contest will pay…<drumroll>…75 positions! Wow Westgate, you really went all-in with making this more player friendly.

Westgate Supercontest Payouts

This ‘change’ really isn’t a change at all. The contest is very likely to draw more entries than last year (2017 drew nearly 900 more entries than 2016), making the 75 payout spots the same field percentage as the 50 payout spots from last year.

And why put a hard number of payout slots on the contest anyway? Why can’t it pay 5% or 10% of the field … no matter how many entries? Why can’t Westgate learn from the poker industry who tried, and failed, at super topheavy payout structures? You have to think about keeping money in the ecosystem. You have to think about providing more people with a positive contest experience. You have to consider not being so set in your ways that you ignore an obvious and much-needed fix to your growing entity.

  • Editor’s note: On May 28 Westgate changed the SuperContest payouts to the top 100 finishers plus ties. So … still not much has changed.

Competition coming?

If the SuperContest doesn’t change its ways, it will suffer the same fate as several pioneers across a myriad of different industries. A good idea is poorly run and eventually eclipsed by someone taking your idea and executing it better.

Westgate Supercontest Weekly Card

The SuperContest is no different. With sports betting legalization on the horizon, there will be new contests. Those contests will utilize everything good about the SuperContest, and quickly trash the bad. And with that, leaving the SuperContest a relic, and the folks at the Westgate wondering why they didn’t just listen to the players.