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You’ve seen this strange series of letters on your favourite football bookmakers’ sites, but what does BTTS mean?

Our Final Opinion of Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Betting Strategy. Don’t hesitate to visit 4rabet.com daily to place winning bets on football and experience the best BTTS Betting.We are glad we could share this remarkable strategy with you and teach you what is BTSS in Betting.Explore this incredible type of bet and get to know what your favorite one is. What does BTTS stand for? List of 20 BTTS definitions. Top BTTS abbreviation meanings updated January 2021. The BTTS meaning is simply Both teams to score. This is most commonly associated with football betting although it can be found on some ice hockey matches at certain bookmakers. As a punter, all you need to do is pick ‘yes’ which means you are betting on both teams to score within 90 minutes or ‘no’ which is obviously the opposite. 5 definitions of BTTS. Definition of BTTS in Slang/Internet Slang. What does BTTS stand for?

Both Teams To Score (BTTS) is as simple as it sounds, the market is asking whether both teams will score in a game or not.


Unlike with total goals in a match result, BTTS relies on each team scoring at least once each. There can be as many goals as you want in the game as long as neither side remains scoreless.

A 1-1 draw is just as good as a 4-3 game. As long as there is a goal scored by each team, a BTTS bet will win. When you bet on both teams to win with your online bookmakers, it will look something like that pictured (below), with just a simple Yes/No option. Select YES.

What if I Don’t Think Both Teams Will Score?

You can, of course, take the opposite approach and bet against both teams scoring. Just select the NO option if you think that it is unlike that at least one of the teams will remain goalless. If only one team scores, your bet wins.

Taken from the Premier League - Liverpool vs Arsenal betting markets

What are Goals Galore?

Depending on the bookmaker, some prefer 'goals galore' or other more flashy terms for both teams to score

How Does the Both Teams to Score (BTTS) Bet Type Work?

As mentioned earlier, 'both teams to score' betting relies on neither team remaining goalless, and often a match can be more ideally placed to win given how games can play out.

For example, a team that is leading 1-0 towards the end of the game will draw everyone back to protect the win. The only team likely to score is the team losing, meaning a BTTS bet is an excellent shout as you will probably see the winning team playing to protect their lead.

However, an Over 2.5 Match Goal bet placed pre-game (often at the same or worse odds than a BTTS bet) would be dead in the water. Furthermore, one slip up by either team can let a goal in, and particularly in lower leagues that can often happen, leading to underdog sides bagging at least one goal a match.

The bet slip shown above came from a game when Liverpool and Arsenal played each other. It seemed very likely that both teams would score in the game. In fact, in the previous season, each team had only failed to score in 5% of their games.

This would make a great football betting tip due to the outcome being highly likely.

How Do I Pick a Good Both Teams to Score Bet?

That’s where Play The Percentage comes to your aid.

An obvious place to start is to look at the percentages of the Both Teams To Score stats - for both teams.

A side with a high BTTS percentage will likely mean that the team not only scores a lot but will often concede during a game as well, leading to a lot of possible BTTS opportunities.

What Other Stats Should I Check?

Try to back up the BTTS wagers you are considering by checking other stats. Check things like the 'Failed to Score' and 'Clean Sheet' statistics for each team. If a team has a low 'Failed to Score' and 'Clean Sheet' statistic, they're prime candidates for a BTTS bet.

Using these stats in combination with the BTTS metric will allow you to make more informed football bets.

Both Teams To Score Combo Bets

The BTTS market can often come with what is called a 'combination bet' or 'accumulator bet', where the BTTS is paired with another bet to try and increase the odds.

The simplest of these sub-markets is by reducing the timescale for your BTTS bets to land to just one half. These will often offer much better odds but are a slightly riskier market.

The picture above shows the odds from the same Liverpool vs Arsenal game. This time with the BTTS bet limited to either the first half or the second half.

The final bet asks if both teams will score in both halves, and there are four possible options. Playing with these markets can be potentially lucrative. They also come with high risks given you that have shrunk the timeframe needed for both teams to score into just a single half.

However, huge bets have been won with both teams to score in both halves. For example, one lucky punter won over £37,000 with his BTTS prediction, by betting on 4 games with a BTTS in both halves. The risks are high but so can be the rewards; we like to use our free bets on this type of bet.

Variations of a Both Teams to Score Bet

There are other kinds of bets, like BTTS and Win tips, and these often involve match goals and picking a side to win. A BTTS and win accumulator can give you a very high odds longshot. See the picture below:

These popular bets can be placed on many betting sites, can be quite a high risk, but come with a lot of rewards because picking a winning side in a goal-fest with BTTS can often add a lot to the total value of your bet.

Also, tying in match goals with a BTTS bet can add value, though this often doesn’t add much. Most people tend not to bet on a “No” result in a BTTS bet (so at least one side remaining goalless), so the Over 2.5 Match Goals & Yes for BTTS bet often does not have particularly good odds in comparison.

Here the increase is from 1.57 to 1.80. Not worth it to some people because for the BTTS part to land, the game has to be at minimum 1-1, so only a 3rd goal would be needed. Picking a result and BTTS is often more comfortable and more reliable than taking the risk by adding a total amount of goals to the BTTS bet.

Should I Use BTTS Tips and Markets?

Absolutely, they are a very exploitable market, particularly with the stats offered here at Play The Percentage. Be aware that a bet will often end at the final whistle of the game’s standard time; unless specified in your bet, extra time doesn’t count.

Here, at Play The Percentage, we have a lot of stats that can help you decide whether backing a BTTS bet is worth it. Combining it with our other stats on wins/losses and total match goals, there is certainly profit to be made.

Consider trying out different bets to start with, either on paper or with small stakes. When you are comfortable, you can up the stakes and begin to make some serious profit on the Both Teams To Score markets.

So be sure to look out for the most likely Both Teams To Score tips from Play The Percentage tools :)

BTTS betting sites

Most major betting sites carry this market bet365, Paddy Power, Skybet, Betfair and BetVictor to name a few. Some bookies use a fancy name for it, Betfred calls it Goals Galore for example.

Do goals scored in extra time count?

No, goals in extra time are a separate market to the main BTTS markets. So if after 90 minutes (plus stoppage time), one side hasn’t scored, you will become your bookmakers best friend and lose your bet.

Both Teams to Score Bet Types

As you will have learned from this blog there are lots of variations on Both Teams to Score beyond the basic market. You can bet on it by half, combined with the result, combined with over or under total goals. Plenty for all punters to get stuck into, and some markets offering big odds.

BTTS & Result – Select a bet in the BTTS market as well as your predicted outcome. Usually, there are six options available to you here. This is more difficult than a simple BTTS bet but it will give higher odds as you are combining 2 markets.

BTTS & Over/Under – This combines Both Teams to Score with Over/Under a certain amount of match goals, most bookmakers set this as 2.5 goals. So, not only will you need both sides to score but you will also need there to be either under or over the number of goals specified.

BTTS in Both Halves – This is an incredibly difficult market to predict, but it offers extremely good odds if you choose to back “yes.” Basically, what this means is both teams in the match must each score a goal in the first half, and again in the second half. While it is extremely difficult to pick a winner, it could give you a great payout if you do manage to get lucky.

Do own goals count toward the Both Teams to Score wager?

As unfortunate as own goals are in football, they all count. As long as both teams are credited with a score at the match end, and you bet that both sides would score, your bookmakers will pay out - hopefully at good odds :)

What is the minimum score I need to win a “Yes” Both Teams to Score bet?

As long as the score of the game is anything above 1-1, then your bet would win.

Where Can I Get Both Teams to Score Betting Tips

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Online betting has opened up hundreds of markets that didn’t exist twenty years ago. One of the most popular is the ‘both teams to score’ market, simply referred to as BTTS. However, rather than simply answering what is BTTS, the purpose of this page is to show you how to calculate the implied BTTS odds to evaluate true betting value within the markets.

BTTS Meaning

The BTTS meaning is simply Both teams to score. This is most commonly associated with football betting although it can be found on some ice hockey matches at certain bookmakers. As a punter, all you need to do is pick ‘yes’ which means you are betting on both teams to score within 90 minutes or ‘no’ which is obviously the opposite.

Here is an example taken from SportPesa.uk for the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United (01-01-2020).

Probably the best feature of the BTTS bet is how straightforward it is. For punters who cannot choose a selection from the 1X2 (match result) market, quite often this is a favoured second option.

Furthermore, spotting good BTTS betting opportunities is quick and easy. If you have two teams with multiple good attacks but shaky defences, a ‘Yes’ bet is the way to go. Alternatively, if you have a couple of goal-shy, ten-men-behind-the-ball teams squared off, the ‘No’ bet is the easy option.

BTTS Betting: calculating the bookmaker’s margin

As a bettor, you can quickly weight-up the betting value of a wager by calculated the bookmaker’s margin. This is essentially it’s expected profit if it has produced a balanced book which invites money on both sides. Here is the equation to work out the margin on a two-way market, using the odds from the image above:

  • Yes: 1 ÷ 1.54 x 100 = 64.93%
  • No: 1 ÷ 2.40 x 100 = 41.66%
  • Then add the two totals together (64.93 + 41.66) = 106.59%

A true betting market is 100%, anything above that is the bookmaker’s margin, which for this example is 6.59%. We have come across bookies with 10% margins for their BTTS betting markets, which is far too excessive in our opinion.

Alternative to BTTS bets

When you look at the matches from the world’s top leagues (i.e. the Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, and so), there are a plethora of football betting markets to choose from. Understandably, several of these are very similar, so it’s worth exploring them to see if they hold more or less value. For instance:

Total Team Goals

What does BTTS stand for? That’s right, both teams to score, which for the ‘Yes’ bet is the same as Over 0.5 for the two teams.

Many bookies allow you to create ‘same game’ multi bets these days, so let’s calculate the odds:

  • Arsenal over 0.5: 1.22
  • Man Utd over 0.5: 1.21
  • 1.22 x 1.21 = 1.476

Immediately, you can see that there is no value in placing this wager because the BTTS odds are 1.54 anyway. However, the point is for you to compare before betting. On this occasion, the price is not on our side, but another time it might be.

Win to Nil

If you’re thinking ‘No’ for your BTTS, it’s similar to the win to nil market although you do need to account for the match finishing goalless.

This can be an effective BTTS tip if you heavily back one team, and place the other wagers merely as cover bets. Best odds site. Let us explain:

The standard odds on the ‘No’ BTTS bet are 2.40, so a £10.00 wager equals a return of £24.00. Now, imagine, you fancy Man Utd to be the most likely team to win and keep a clean sheet, here is how you can divide your stake.

  • Man Utd: 4.70 x £7.00 = £32.90
  • Arsenal: 5.00 x £2.00 = £10.00
  • 0 – 0 correct score: 10.75 x £1.00 = £10.75

As you can see, you get your money back if it’s Arsenal, and you make £0.75 if the score is nil-nil. However, if you guessed correct with United, you make £32.90 which £8.90 more than the standard odds. Of course, if both teams do score, all bets are lost.

Other BTTS bet types

So far, we’ve only covered the main both teams to score bet which is for the full match. There are several other BTTS betting options available although the choice does vary from sportsbook to sportsbook, and the league/market plays a major role in the amount of choice on offer.

What Does Btts Mean In Text

Match Winner & Both Teams To Score

Once again, it’s time to get your calculator out and crunch the numbers. Where can you make more profit?

  • Multiply the price of the two single bets (i.e. Arsenal win and ‘yes’ BTTS) to form a double, and see how the odds compare. This would be exactly the same bet as ‘Arsenal win and both to score 4.30’ shown below.
  • You could play it safe (for a reduced payout) and place two single bets. This is a secondary option.

BTTS & Over 2.5

Quite simply both teams to score and the match will finish with more than 2.5 goals. Therefore, at least one of the teams needs to score twice. Extra risk involved but potentially better odds. It’s another BTTS punt to consider and weigh up the risk vs reward ratio.

Both Teams To Score & No Draw

Here we go again, this is another market which parallels with Match Winner & BTTS. It’s a number game in which you must work out where you can extract the most value for the least perceived risk.

Both Teams To Score In Both Halves

Upping the ante here. There’s potentially quite good value in this market if you do your research. It is still a risky bet, but the odds reflect that. Several bookmakers also offer BTTS first half only and BTTS second half only. If this is the case, you can multiply those prices and see where you get the best odds.


Many websites, including our own, provide both teams to score tips. You can find an assortment on our EPL betting tips pages, and also we sometimes cover them on EPL Predictions, which are computer-generated analytical tips (data-based).

However, our advice is to do the research yourself. That way you’ll get the BTTS tips that you know you can trust. Furthermore, the more football betting knowledge you acquire, the better chance you have of making long-term profits from this pastime.

Every punter will have their own method as to how they compile their both teams to score tips for this Saturday. Here’s a quick guide to show you where to start.

Below, you can see Betway’s BTTS odds for this weekend’s Premier League matches. Please note, we are not saying the EPL is the best league to use if you only want to bet on BTTS YES markets. You may find more goals are scored in the Championship, League 1, Bundesliga or the French Ligue. Have a look around and find your preference.

Let’s take a sample selection.

  • Chelsea vs Burnley: BTTS ‘Yes’ 2.10. BTTS ‘No’ 1.70

What Does Btts Mean Urban Dictionary

We start by reviewing recent form. As we can see, both teams scored in their last league match. They both played an FA Cup tie in between (and both teams scored) which is positive for the ‘Yes’ bet. However, when we dig deeper and look at the respective home and away form, there hasn’t been a great amount of BTTS action.

let’s dig deeper and assess the season-to-date.

  • Both teams have scored at least a goal-a-game for their home and away games.
  • They both have a low clean sheet percentage.
  • Chelsea and Burnley both have a low ‘Won-to-nil’ percentage.
  • They have both scored in more than half of their matches. This is important for the both teams to score ‘Yes’ bet.

Following on from that, we review the players. Has either side been missing a key striker or some important defenders? Are there any injuries or suspensions to be aware of for this match.

All of the data is freely available, and by using it correctly, you can find many super value bets. For the record, we are backing this one.